A Spring Playlist

Boats & Birds - Gregory and the Hawk

A Wish - Gregory and the Hawk

Losing Your Memory - Ryan Star

Touch the Sky - Julie Fowlis

Tip of my Tongue - The Civil Wars

You & Me - You+Me

Bloodstream - Ed Sheeran

Crystals - Of Monsters and Men

I had the idea for creating a new playlist every season quite a while ago, but never really got round to it. After finally creating a Spotify account, I was overwhelmed by the power to create playlists (yes, there are now playlists everywhere). I love the idea of being able to add new songs every few months and see how time has affected my taste in music. 

This Spring I've been listening to more laid back, Earthy tunes (is that an apt description?). I've been in one of those 'planning for the future' moods where I think all the time about silly dreams and old memories. I think this playlist really reflects that. At the moment it plays non-stop in my house whether I'm doing housework, university work or writing blog posts. In fact, it's playing right now. 

"If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky; you can hide underneath me and come out at night."

- Boats & Birds, Gregory and the Hawk