Water Baby

It finally came to the moment when we realised we only had twenty-four hours left in paradise, and my God was I not looking forward to returning to the cold and blustery weather in Brighton. 

But it has to be said that the final day was one of the best. 

Still, I envied the pool-residing lizard who was able to call this beautiful place home.

The first part of the day was spent lounging by the pool in one of my favourite swimmers of them all. 

The top is from Victoria's Secret (as you may have guessed), but the bottoms are from a newly discovered website called Swimwear 365. You input your measurements to calculate your body type, and then you can shop for the swimwear which is most flattering for your shape. 

These cute little shorts aren't all they appear to be...

That's right, they're actually bikini bottoms! 

They came up in my personal shopping and I can't rave about them enough. Not only are they adorable but they're super flattering and fit perfectly. They're also a pretty decent price considering you could probably get away with wearing them as shorts as well.

Bikini Top - Victoria's Secret || Swimwear Hotpants - Swimwear 365

We also had a few shots left in our underwater camera, which meant we got a little bit snap happy when I insisted on pretending to be a mermaid. The dream is real, people. 

Wish I could be part of that world...

There was only one restaurant in the resort that we hadn't eaten at yet and that was the Gourmet Pub. It was also the only restaurant we had to book for so we were really looking forward to it. 

And I tell you what, this place was pretty much the best restaurant in the whole resort. 

Before you even order they bring up nibbles and appetisers for you. These consisted of spicy patatas bravas...

Melon and prosciutto...

And bread, with a selection of dips as well as boiled egg, pickles, smoked salmon and garlic butter.

We actually starved ourselves that day so we would be able to fit this all in. It was insane and all delicious.

Ollie had a Margarita, his favourite cocktail.

Not being able to choose from the extensive menu, we chose a couple of starters to share. 

Ollie chose BBQ chicken wings. 

While I chose Mac and Cheese. It wasn't the best I've ever had unfortunately. The cheese sauce was too much like a fondue to class as a proper Mac and Cheese one, but it was still pleasant. 

For main, Ollie ordered something off the special leaving menu that we were offered. He had surf and turf. 

We had a side of asparagus which was delicious. 

My main was roast chicken with herbs which I ordered knowing was half a chicken but thinking I could eat it all. Needless to say, I couldn't eat it all.

I also ordered some hand cut chips. Yes I realise what I ordered was essentially a glorified Nando's. 

We never actually ordered dessert...our excellent waiter managed to read our minds! Upon hearing me being really indecisive as he walked past frequently, not only did he bring out the apple pie that I wanted...

But also the chocolate brownie I was eyeing up!! 

We finished our sweets, as they bid us farewell.

It feels like forever ago since I was sitting at that table and laying by that pool. Drizzly Brighton really isn't the same. 

Thank you for the memories, Mexico.