Tsum Tsum Love

First of all, I know I've been fairly absent on the blogging front as of recently. Things in life have been pretty hectic and what with university assignments as well as full on rehearsals for Sweeney Todd (Buy your tickets here!), blogging has been literally the last thing on my mind, no matter how much I love it. 

But never to fear! I have returned and with me I have brought my new favourite obsession. The cutest little things to ever grace the Earth; Disney Tsum Tsums!

I found out about these adorable little things a few months ago and was devastated to find that they hadn't been released in UK stores. But to my joy, I didn't have to wait too long, as they were released on the 15th February in Clinton's stores across the UK! 

When my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day, I immediately knew. Unfortunately, this meant having to wait a little while, but as soon as the day rolled around we headed into town to pick some up.

I chose a medium sized Minnie Mouse and three small ones which are Marie, Donald Duck and Eeeyore. 'Tsum Tsum' translates as 'Stack Stack', which is basically all they do, other than look cute. The tiny ones are £3, then mediums are £15 and there are also large ones which are £25. 

I can already feel a new obsession looming and I am already excited for the next wave of characters to be released in March. There is also a Disney Tsum Tsum app, which is also pretty addictive. If you like games like Candy Crush then this is just as fun, except with adorable, round Disney characters! 

Let me know in the comments which Disney character you'd like to see be Tsum Tsum-ified!