The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

I don't know how we got here, but it's almost March...again. Wasn't it March like four months ago? I'm sure it was...

Well, that only means one thing: Mother's Day! (if you live in the UK, that is). If there's anyone who deserves a holiday dedicated to her, it's definitely my mama. She may be mad as a box of frogs but I really don't know what I'd do without her. And when it comes to buying her presents, I always know where to go. 

Jo Malone has been one of both mine and my mama's favourite brands since forever. It's simply perfection. Everything from the sleek, cream box to the perfect black bow, Jo Malone is one of those brands which screams luxury. Jo Malone is up there with Tiffany & Co. in terms of packaging, in that it's so beautiful I barely want to open it!

This is my first time using a Jo Malone Bath Oil, but like all of their products it did not let me down. One of major things which captures me about them is how realistic the scents are. Many perfumes and such things often smell quite artificial. They smell floral but not like real flowers. However, on opening this bottle I was flooded with the aroma of fresh roses. It quite literally felt like I had just walked into a field of my favourite flowers. 

The oil itself is thick and luxurious, and you only need a little in order to create the desired effect in your bath - a full, floral scent and a hot and nourishing bathe. Not only did it relax me entirely, but my skin came out feeling silky smooth. 

I don't know a mum around who wouldn't be happy to open up a bottle of this on Mother's Day. Jo Malone succeed in making every product truly special, and if roses aren't really your mum's cup of tea, they do many of their fragrances in bath oil form. 

This gorgeous bottle has since been rewrapped by yours truly and is ready to be given to my mama as an extra something. I think she could do with a relaxing bath considering the amount of stress I cause her! She really deserves it far more than I do!