Coral & Coconuts

Not every day can be as exciting as the one where we flew over the jungle and swam with the sea turtles, but usually they can be just as special. 

Here is a brief list of things which made this day special;
  1. Coral bikinis
  2. The sea
  3. Painting coconuts
Let's start with number 1, shall we? 

Bikini - Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is the only place I will buy new bikinis from now, mainly because I cannot fault them. They're quite simply practically perfect in every way, from sizing, to colour, to design. Every inch of each of their bikinis is special. And this one is no exception. 

This beautiful coral bikini is gorgeous, with it's vibrant colour which looks perfect against a tan, to the fluorescent detailing on the strap and front. It's also extremely comfortable and fits me perfectly. 

It's the perfect piece for lazy days by the crashing waves, pretending to be a mermaid. 

This day passed slowly and leisurely, and after a while of relaxing, we took it upon ourselves to paint a coconut. 

Something I absolutely loved about the resort was the fact that it was a coconut plantation. Every palm tree which lined every path was full of gorgeous green coconuts (although there was the slight fear that one of them might fall on my head!). As a little way of making your mark, you could go along to the weekly coconut painting class, where they would give you a blank coconut to paint and then bury anywhere in the resort. 

Now, I can't say my painting abilities are matched up to say, Rapunzel, and some people there had some serious painting talent. Look at this!

Either way, I like to think our effort was pretty good. 

Check out my dolphin and turtle. Mad skills bruv. 

And, because nothing else much interesting happened that day, here's a picture of a friendly squirrel. They were so friendly here that they would just walk right by you. 

And also a beautiful butterfly that landed on me, before posing on the wall. Show off.