9 Years Overdue Brush Set

Anyone who knows me really well will know that I'm pretty rubbish when it comes to change. I mean, if I have something that works just fine then why would I feel the need to go out and spend money on something new? Unfortunately, this attitude has led to me having the same set of makeup brushes since I was 12 years old. 

Ah, yes, my M&S Autograph brush set (containing a grand total of 4 different brushes) has served me well over the last 9 years. I also had a few Estee Lauder ones thrown in my makeup bag which I had acquired from some other place. 

But, it finally got to the point where I figured I should probably get some new ones, if not for myself, then at least for blog photos. You're all thinking it!

Drum roll pur-leese...

Ah, yes, you already knew what they were. The Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set was given to me as a birthday gift and, coming from somebody with absolutely no technical knowledge of makeup brushes, boy are they flipping beautiful. Yes, I've jumped on the blogger bandwagon for these and I am absolutely not afraid to admit that I love rose gold. 

I'm also going to confess that I didn't use these brushes until over a month after I received them, partly because I was still emotionally attached to my old, rubbish brushes for some reason. So, when I finally got round to using them...yesterday...I experienced a breakthrough like no other. For one thing, they make makeup application so much more pleasant, simply because they are the softest things to ever grace my face. I also never realised how much easier new brushes would make applying makeup. 

I'm also pretty chuffed that I won't have to buy any more brushes (most likely for another 10 years or so, knowing me) because I have every kind of brush that I would personally use in this set. 

So yes, I just reviewed the most over-hyped, over-reviewed set of makeup brushes known to blogger-kind. But considering I've waited 9 years, I hope you'll forgive me?

I also really love the bag...I really love it.