Adventure is Out There - Love Blue

Who says you can't have an adventure in a skirt? 

Along with red, blue is one of my favourite colour for clothes. Whether or not this is because it reminds me faintly of some of my favourite characters like Belle from Beauty and the Beast or Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite, but either way it's just one of those colours I love.

So when Fat Face told me about their 'Love Blue' collection, I was so excited to create a little blue themed photoshoot to celebrate the coming of Spring and of new adventures. 

I chose the gorgeously versatile Banbury skirt and paired it with the most lovely jumper I think I've ever laid eyes on. For some reason, Winter clothes are pretty sparse in my wardrobe, mostly because I never like anything, but the Campbell jumper is the most beautiful shade of navy I've ever seen, not to mention it keeps me warm and toasty. 

Jumper - C/O Fat Face || Skirt - C/O Fat Face || Boots - Old

Paired with a key to my heart, a little touch of turquoise and a good book, I am ready for anything...

Key Necklace - Tiffany & Co. || Bracelet - Old, from Dubai

I definitely feel like this is the kind of outfit that Belle would wear if she lived nowadays. Fat Face clothing is made to be worn, and is of such a high quality, so you don't have to be afraid of taking it on all your journeys and daily adventures with you. 

Ten points if you can guess what I'm reading!

I happened to shoot this on one of the windiest Brighton days in a while. It was one of those Spring days where the sun shines brighter than it has in months, yet it's still freezing! 

I have to say it had it's challenges...

Feeling a bit Marilyn Monroe! When are you going to warm up, England?!