Spring Monochrome with Clothesminded

Never have I ever been more excited than I am about this fact: I managed to complete two of my New Year's Goals within a week! One of which, as you may have read earlier in the week, was to attend a blogger meetup...TICK! The second was to work with a brand; something I have always wanted to have the opportunity to do. 

So I was absolutely thrilled when Clothesminded contacted me and asked if I would like to take part in a collaboration. 

I was even more thrilled when I came home to find some absolutely gorgeous pieces had been slotted through my letterbox. 

First up, can we have a chat about this skort? Do you know about my obsession with skorts yet? I really do think they are the bees knees. You get all the graceful elegance of a skirt, combined with the coverage of shorts, which basically means I can look as girly as I want but don't have to worry about the potentially revealing nature of breezy Spring days in Brighton.

If you don't know about my mild obsession with unicorns already, then you do now. My friend Allie bought me these beautiful earrings for my birthday and I haven't taken them out of my ears ever since. They are pretty much me written all over. 

Earrings - Asos

As far as I'm concerned, if you're going to wear monochrome, you've got to pair it with gold. Not for any other reason than that I think it's beautiful. I wore my unicorns with pride alongside my Victoria's Secret 'Angel' necklace, as a reminder of my two main life goals: a) to be a Victoria's Secret model and b) to be a unicorn. Realistic dreams, yes? 

Necklace - Victoria's Secret

Heart print skort - C/O Clothesminded || White textured top - C/O Clothes Minded || Black heels - New Look || Leather jacket - TK Maxx

I have to say, Clothesminded have seriously impressed me with their clothes. The material is all fantastic quality; the top especially is a perfect fit as well as cosy, and I know I will definitely be getting it out during the Summer months to wear with a pair of shorts as well. After returning from holiday, all I can think of is my yearning for the sun. Ahhh wishful thinking! 

I also started back at university this week, which means a lot of hard work on a brand new set of modules, but it also means that I get to resume rehearsals for Sweeney Todd. And I absolutely cannot wait.