My Little Energy Box

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was doing a spot of travelling last week and I can honestly say I didn't want to leave. I've always thought the 'going home' part of a holiday is both the worst and best part and that was definitely the case on our journey. Having had a three hour delay and arriving home to a freezing cold house, the true light at the end of the tunnel was all the parcels which had been delivered during my absence.

One of those parcels was January's My Little Box, which really was a sight for sore eyes. 

The first thing inside was one of their little quote cards, which I always love to see! 

Underneath that was this month's issue of My Little World, the box's magazine, and a 2015 calendar. As someone who uses a diary to keep my life organised I really don't have much of a use for this calendar, so will most likely attempt to find a new home for it. 

The lifestyle product included this month was a gym bag! It's pretty cute and light and has a lovely inspirational inscription on the side. It would have been absolutely perfect for me...had I not already received a gym bag for my birthday because I needed one! Oh, the irony! 

Finally, the little bag at the bottom contained three beauty products, my favourite of which has to be the NailsInc Nail Polish in 'Tate Red', which is a gorgeous, deep red colour. I applied it immediately and fell in love with the colour. You can see a photo of me wearing it on my Instagram. 

The My Little Beauty product of the month is an Energising Mist, which is one of those products that I really don't know how/when to use, so it will most likely be finding a new home as well. 

The final product is a very large sample of the Talika Photo-Hyrdra Day Moisturiser, which is always useful as you can never have too many moisturisers! 

Overall, I think this month's box didn't really live up to previous boxes that My Little Box have delivered, although it was still good. The reason I've been subscribed to them from the start is because even when they create a box I don't really like, they still manage to put a lot of thought and effort into it, something that I really appreciate. 

What do you think of this month's box?