A Meetup with Hello October

I have finally returned from my week long, wifi-free week, which, now that I have returned from, I can reveal that I've been doing a spot of globe-trotting, but more on that later...

A couple of weeks ago, the lovely Suzie from Hello October held a meetup in Brighton and I couldn't say no to attending. It was on my New Year's Goals list to meet some fellow bloggers, so this one was immediately ticked off upon arrival.

The Topshop Personal Shopper Space was decorated gorgeously, with a beautiful bouquet of pink flowers as well as some sweet treats like strawberries, chocolates and (my personal favourite) mini cupcakes. 

I went along with my lovely fellow blogging buddy Allie and her housemate, Emma, as pictured below, both looking gorgeous!

Although I was slightly terrified to meet a blogger who was such a huge inspiration to me, as soon as Suzie walked into the room we all immediately felt more comfortable. She was so friendly and down to Earth and we all immediately started chatting. We discussed everything, from beauty to awkward public vlogging to Brighton. I even got a cheeky snap with the lovely lady herself. She also complimented my choice of hat and outfit, which I'm going to take as meaning I'm stylish? Possibly. 

We also had the wonderful surprise of a visit from Alix from I Covet Thee, who popped by to support Suzie. We had another amazingly warm chat with her, but I'm gutted that I didn't get a picture with her. I think I was so swept up in the moment that I totally forgot! 

Overall, the meetup was absolutely wonderful and I'm so glad that I went. There was only about 10 of us there, which meant it was a lot more intimate than a huge gathering would be. Getting to have a real chat with everyone really made it special. It was all organised by the lovely Carla who is in charge of the Topshop Personal Shopping Space and she did a great job! She also has some killer boots. 

Fingers crossed that I'll be able to meet a few more bloggers throughout the year, as it makes such a difference talking with someone who you have so much in common with!