Hola, México!

After what felt like a lifetime, I finally got to go on a proper adventure.

Remember that little internet free week I had, well it's actually because I was bound for Mexico to a beautiful hotel that my mama had specifically picked due to it's lack of free wifi. So, we turned off our phones and prepared ourselves for the staggering eleven hour flight to Cancun. 

Thankfully, the flight itself went relatively quickly as I forced myself to put in ear plugs and get at least three hours sleep. After landing, we whizzed through the most chaotic version of passport control I've ever seen (which involved us nearly being crushed to death in a sea of people) and finally were on the coach to the hotel. 

Never have I been more excited to see Palm Trees in my life. 

We were staying in the El Dorado Seaside Suites by Karisma; an adults-only, all-inclusive resort with a twist...it's all gourmet. By gourmet, I mean everything is A La Carte, restaurant standard food, and by all-inclusive, I mean...*deep breath*...you could literally eat as much as you want. 

After the mandatory rubbish plane food, we were eager to try out some of the local cuisine, and started with our first choice of restaurant which was the Mexican dining of La Carreta. 

Softly lit and appropriately decked out with piñatas and bottles of tequila, the restaurant was literally what we imagined Mexico to be, just in one room. 

As soon as we arrived we were greeted by a plate of tortilla chips and various dips which we tucked into eagerly. I have to say, the stereotype of Mexico being obsessed with tortilla trips is true. At least, it was in this resort. Everything was served with some kind of tortilla garnish. Even the bus we arrived on was called 'Tortilla'. 

Ollie went for a starter of lobster quesadillas with three chilli sauce. 

Which was gone in about a minute flat, may I add.

It wasn't long before our mains arrived. Ollie's was the chicken breast with pipian sauce, Mexican rice and fried plantains. Oooh look, tortilla! 

While I had the pan fried fish fillet, cooked Veracruz style. Which basically means it comes in a tomato, red pepper and olive sauce. Simple, yet absolutely delicious. As you can see, yet more tortilla chips joined my fish, including a tortilla basket which had guacamole in it. 

After successfully filled ourselves to the brim, we refused dessert (so you know I must have been full!) because we could also barely keep our eyes open. We wandered sleepily back to our room at the late, late hour of 7.30pm and immediately fell asleep. Fighting that jet lag like pros. 

Now, I thought I'd include the our first actual day in Mexico, rather than just that evening, because nothing too exciting was going on there! Unless you find food as exciting as I do, that is.

Because of our early bedtime, I woke up at 5.30am and of course couldn't get myself back to sleep. This then resulted in the whole holiday consisting of early bedtimes and early rises, which is some ways was a good thing, but I usually couldn't keep my eyes open at dinner time.

After a run along the empty beach, we went for breakfast, my belly once again rumbling. 

The breakfast menu was extensive, and we usually ended up having pretty much the same thing every day. The seasonal fruit with honey, yoghurt and granola was a daily favourite, and usually our starter for the morning. 

While my all-time favourite breakfast dish they served was of course the Nutella crepe. Anywhere you can have Nutella is a good place. 

Ollie, never really up for the sweet stuff early in the morning like me, had an omelette with spinach, ham and chorizo. Ten points if you spot the tortilla chip...

 We eagerly went exploring after breakfast. 

One of my favourite parts of the resort hat to be the four poster beds. Dotted pretty much anywhere, they're the perfect place to stay out of the sun and just relax. 

I also took it upon myself to see how many people I could fool into thinking I was actually in the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show with my t-shirt...now possibly my prized possession. 

T-shirt - Victoria's Secret || Anklet - Miss Selfridge || Sunglasses - Steve Madden

Bikini - Boux Avenue

The mermaid in me was drawn to the sparkling clear ocean and it wasn't long before the clothes were off and I was wriggling my toes in the sand. 

What do you call a fruit that commits crimes? A waterfelon! *single tear*

"What's this healthy fruit?" you may be asking yourself, "I want a burger!" 

Your wish is my command.

Ollie had the old style burger with two patties, but I really think my New Yorker takes the biscuit.


Oh yeah and here's some salad that Ollie ordered bleughh. Just kidding, it was goats cheese and apple. 

We returned to the beach just in time to snag the last bit of sunshine as it set over the horizon. The pelicans soared over the sea, performing spectacular tricks for us in the last few drops of daylight.