Reader Survey Results

Number One: Pancakes are delicious...just kidding. Although they are. 

First off, I would really like to thank everyone who took the time to fill out my little questionnaire! I really value all feedback and your ideas and suggestions have really inspired me to up my game with my blog this year!

  1. I was really not prepared for all the lovely comments that people made! Seriously, some of them actually moved me to tears. There were even people who said that I didn't need to change a thing, which really is so kind!
  2. A lot of people said that they'd like to see more regular/more often posting, which firstly is a massive encouragement that you want to see more from me! I have been posting every other day in January as you may have noticed, which I am going to attempt to do as often as possible from now on.
  3. To the person who wanted to see a "My Favourite Places on Earth" post, that will be coming soon!
  4. I won't be able to please everybody (as much as I wish I could!). Some people said that my outfit posts are their favourite, while others weren't so keen. I like to post a variety anyway, so hopefully there will always be something for everyone.
  5. One thing most people agreed on, however, was the wish for more personal and lifestyle posts, which I will be working on! Be prepared for the onslaught of musical posts as Sweeney Todd approaches! 
  6. You're all so wonderful, and I am so honoured to have such beautiful and loyal readers!