Me At 21

Today's the day I turn the big 21. I'm officially an adult in the majority of the world now. And how does it feel? If I'm honest, terrifying.

Because I'm sure anybody will tell you that as you get older, your mind doesn't follow suit. The girl in the picture is still the same one who at 11 years old wished to be a unicorn (which by the way I was picked on for, but who's laughing now? I see you all with your unicorn tote bags and Lush unicorn horns). I'm also the same girl who wanted to be a Disney Princess when she was little; a career ambition I don't think I'll ever grow out of.

In a way, turning 21 is an achievement. I've made it. I've crawled through childhood to awaken in a fresh new world of adulthood. So I'll make this quick, and a bit like an Oscar's speech. 

Thank you, to the friends I had. You all taught me something, even if you didn't stick around for very long.

Thank you, to the friends I have. You all teach me something new everyday and you bring joy into my life. 

Thank you, to the people who weren't nice to me. You showed me through your cruelty what it was like to be good and kind. And that is who I am today. 

Thank you, reader, for sticking around to read about my life in what has become the best hobby I ever started. 

And thank you, to my family. The kindest, most giving people you could ever wish to have in your life. With every day I grow you make my life brighter and you make me into a better person. Thank you for everything you have given me and shown me over the years. For your presence in my life I am eternally grateful. 

My favourite quote of all time is my yearbook quote. And here it is.

"In the end, what we regret most are the chances we never took."
- Fraiser

And I can honestly say I have no regrets.