Early Birthday at Bartellas

As I will be unable to see my parents on my birthday, they organised a little early birthday party for me back home in Kent. If you don't know already, I turn 21 on Wednesday 14th January! There will be a post about that coming next, but I thought I'd give you a little tour of my birthday meal.

We had initially decided to visit The Kings Arms, which is a restaurant on Meopham Green, however for some reason when we got there all the doors were locked and there was nobody in! The opening times all said that it should have been open as well. It was very strange.

However, this little kerfuffle was actually a blessing in disguise, as we ended visiting Bartellas, another restaurant in Meopham just down the road. 

Bartellas has been on the same corner for as long as I can remember, yet for some reason we've never actually eaten there. 

The entire interior is stylish, yet cosy, with a  roaring fire to keep out the chills of January air. 

We promptly ordered from the friendly waiter, and our food soon arrived at the table.

I went for 'The Brooklyn Smoker': spicy meatballs and pepperoni with rigatoni pasta. 

It was seriously good, but overwhelmingly filling, as pasta normally is. I could only eat about a quarter of the huge plate, but the leftovers were quickly hoovered up by others at the table. 

Here's me looking excited for food. 

Apologies for how terrible my hair looks in this post. These pictures were taken prior to the much-needed haircut I mentioned.

My boyfriend had the Mexican steak burger with jalepenos, kidney beans, hot smoked cheese sauce and cajun fries.

Unfortunately, the burger was the only let down of the meal. It was overcooked and generally just not very nice, but the cajun fries were delicious. The waiter was extremely apologetic and we weren't too bothered because the rest of the food was so good.

My mama had a Margherita pizza, which was so good it actually rivalled some of the ones we had in Rome. 

A colourful side salad, that wasn't actually ours but I got a snap of it before it was taken back to the kitchen.

Ahh, there's our salad! Rocket, cherry tomato, red onion and parmesan. 

Lastly, my dad had the Ravioli of crab, with thai chilli, coconut, lemon grass and a warm noodle salad.

His was also excellent! 

Here's another photo of me excited for dessert. Because it's my birthday, I'm allowed dessert whenever I want. Those are the rules of birthdays, right? 

Soon, my towering Knickerbocker Glory arrived, complete with an extra scoop of ice cream and a birthday candle. 

I made a wish! 

...before tucking straight in.

I hope you'll forgive me that I was so distracted by the beautiful ice cream tower, that I completely forgot to take a photo of my boyfriend's dessert before he had already munched his way through half of it. 

So here's half a rum and banana creme brulĂ©e, with banana crisps and mocha chantilly. 

I'm so glad we ended up finally getting to eat here! It made us realise that we really have just been missing out all these years on some scummy local food right on our doorstep. 

The food was amazing and the prices aren't too shabby either. The service is also truly wonderful; the waiters can't do enough to help. It's the perfect place to go on a casual lunch date or even for an evening dinner occasion. They definitely made the effort to make my birthday lunch special!

As a sidenote, as of today, I will not have internet for a week! This means I won't be active on social media until I get it back, however I have scheduled both blog posts and tweets throughout the week and I will wait in anticipation to read all your lovely comments and tweets! Cyber Jordan will be looking after you. Keep a weather eye out!