Girl On Film

This is more of a quick update post to announce some very exciting news...

Nope, I haven't got a new bag...


This is quite a long time coming, considering I have been watching beauty bloggers for years on youtube and wishing I could be as cool as them. But the honest truth is, I am pretty cool! So yesterday, I filmed, edited and uploaded my first ever Youtube video. 

I started with something quite simple and fun; a What's in My Bag tag. Being the nosy parker I am I love having a sneak peek inside somebody's bag, so I thought I'd repay the favour!

I'd absolutely love for you all to give it a watch and to subscribe to my channel. It's unlikely that I will promote every video on my blog, as I'm hoping to keep the two separate, so the best way to find out about new videos is to subscribe! As I'm only just starting out every little subscriber helps and I really appreciate any support!

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