Easy Like Sundae Morning

If you read my last post, you'll know that I left you all on quite the cliffhanger as to what the amazing product was that I found in a little shop in West Malling. I'm sure you've all been bursting with anticipation since reading it...

What I discovered were possibly the best smelling little bath bombs in the entire flipping world; Wild-Olive Bath Sundaes. 

Not only do they smell flipping amazing, but they are positively adorable to look at. They also come in tons of different scents so there really is something for everyone. 

The three scents I chose were Tuberose, Wild Honeysuckle and Peony. 

If you know me, you'll know I love anything that smells like fresh flowers and these three smell just like the real thing. When you dip in the bath, its like you're in a field of floral wonders. 

They are also quite strong smelling, so it isn't really even necessary to use a whole one for one bath. You can crumble bits off as and when you need them...which is still quite painful because they are so pretty to look at! Or you can throw it all in at once, I'm not gonna stop you! 

They also don't break the bank, costing only £2.25 a pop. 

I love the idea of giving these as a gift as well. I bought these at Down Swan Street in West Malling, which is the cutest little gift shop ever. There, if you buy six, you get a free purple egg carton which they slot into perfectly, so you can give them as an adorable present! This is also available as an option on the Wild-Olive website.

I absolutely love the concept of these, mainly because I've never seen anything like them before. Wild-Olive also do other products such as soaps, reed diffusers and my all time favourite CANDLES. So I absolutely cannot wait to try more from them! 

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