A Day in West Malling

Last week, I went to keep my mama company in Kent. I hadn't spent so long away from Brighton in a while, so it was strange to come home to my old home and get away from everything for a little while. 

One of mine and my mama's favourite places to go is West Malling, because it has the prettiest high street. Full of independent shops and cafes, you could wander around for hours poking your head in and sampling all of the treats.

Now, I've reviewed the Swan Street Cafe before for breakfast, but I was eager to taste their lunch creations. 

We began with drinks. My mama had a large cappuccino, which is a brilliant size for a coffee I can tell you. While I had a peach, papaya and strawberry smoothie. It was incredibly refreshing, but don't expect it to be too sweet like I did! It has an edge to it. 

We both had jacket potatoes, which doesn't seem like the most exciting kind of food ever, but I am a huge fan of the classic. I had my favourite topping; tuna mayonnaise. I'm not sure what they put in it but it had an incredible flavour, nothing like any tuna mayo I've tasted before. 

Mama had homemade coleslaw, which again, tasted incredibly different from your regular old coleslaw. It was delicious! (And I seriously don't even like coleslaw). I've used the word coleslaw way too many times in this paragraph. 

They have a load of recipe books on the side in the cafe, which I began to skim through. I'm now incredibly tempted to make snow meringue icing. I can tell you though I've never had such weird looks given to me as when I was trying to take a portrait photo of a book page in the middle of a busy cafe. 

Whenever I go to West Malling there is one place I always want to visit; possibly my favourite sweet shop in the world with the absolute best name in the world; Chocolate Umbrella.

I think I love it so much because it reminds me of a muggle version of Honeydukes, which is good enough for me!

The walls are lined with jars upon jars filled with a rainbow of different candies, gummies and bon bons.

Their displays are also beautiful, covered in homemade gifts like sweetie cakes and party bags. The best thing about this place is the price as well. Everything is so reasonable and therefore the perfect gift! 

I was very tempted to try the Chocolate of Wonder...

Better than shoes, eh? Hmm...we'll see about that!

The teenage version of me got jittery over the Equestrian themed chocolate set. 

They also have cabinets filled with a glorious pick and mix range of bite size chocolates and truffles, just waiting to be tasted. 

As well as colourful chocolate slabs...like tasty broken glass. That's a weird comparison. Don't eat glass, kids, just chocolate. 

I resisted the urge to buy everything the store, however I will be going back soon to get some Christmas presents for people!

The last shop we went into is also one of my favourites, where I found these.

But I think these are so good that they deserve their own post...

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