My First Little Box

After cancelling my last beauty box subscription, giving them another chance with their makeover and then finding my account had been deleted, I decided it was time for a change.

I had been anticipating the arrival of My Little Box in the UK ever since Carrie of WishWishWish wrote of her visit to the offices in Paris. Immediately, I was hooked. 

To be honest, I was starting to grow a bit bored with receiving just beauty products every month. Sure they were nice, but as a girl with a very specific and narrow taste in beauty, I was finding that the majority of the products I was receiving were just getting in the way. 

My Little Box is just a little bit different. 

Packaged in possibly the most gorgeous way possible (it's like they know exactly what I love & turned it into a box), My Little Box contains lifestyle, beauty and style products every month, along with their magazine My Little World (which I didn't receive in this box but I'm assuming that's because it's the first one), as well as unique, illustrated goodies. 

The packaging was just so perfect and beautiful that it was quite the emotional moment untying that sweet ribbon. 

The first little surprise was the illustrated card with a lovely quote from Maureen Johnson on it. I hope to get more of these little pieces of inspiration, as it has now been placed on my wall of pictures at the back of my desk. 

I then received some adorable Paris themed stickers which are so cute and I will definitely use on notebooks and people's birthday cards. 

This sweet notebook was next up, with the first few pages dedicated to explaining the history of the company, and then the rest are blank for creative exploration, I'm sure. It's a really good quality notebook with a hard cover. 

On to the beauty products! These three lovelies came in the sweet little bag which I absolutely LOVE. I'm not quite sure how I will reuse it yet, so leave some suggestions in the comments as to what I can use it for! 

The products I received were...

Laura Mercier Foundation Primer - 30ml Sample Size - (RRP £29 for 50ml). I've heard a lot on the grape vine about Laura Mercier products, with many a blogger raving about this one in particular. I don't wear foundation myself, but I will definitely be using this for concealer and eyeshadow. It's also a seriously decent sample size and will last me for ages.

My Little Beauty Complexion Brightening Pen - Full Size - (RRP £11). This will obviously be my first experience using the My Little Beauty range, but I am so excited. The packaging is super pretty and is supposed to brighten up your skin. It can also be used as a primer, so this was a seriously primer orientated box, but I will definitely be using this on my dark circles.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse - 10ml Sample Size - (RRP £28 for 100ml). This is another product that I think I will definitely use, as it's basically a moisturising oil for face, skin and hair. I'm curious to see the effect this will have on my hair and it can also be used in the bath for added luxury.

The last product I found was this polka dot laptop cover. At least I think it's a laptop cover. I think it can be used for pretty much anything, but personally I will be using it to keep my university bag more organised, as my laptop is too big for it. I think it's a super sweet idea though! 

I am completely converted to My Little Box. Everything is so wonderfully considered and thought through and I love how much care has gone into the pictures and product choices. For £14.95 a month (including P&P!), a different box with it's own unique theme will be delivered right to your door!

The only downside is that this has left me lusting to visit Paris. Take me there soon, fate!