Dear September

brighton pier photography

You have vanished as quickly as the summer breeze, yet you have been good to me. Your warmth and light have guided me gently back into the education I was so quickly to dread. Thanks to you, my heart has settled comfortably within the chilly breeze, and for once in my life I feel prepared.

I have hit 242 followers, a number which I couldn't have even comprehended when I began writing back in January. I am aware that compared to others, this number is tiny, but to me it is perfect. Thank you, reader, for supporting me and for continuing to visit my little adventure book.

I sometimes think I wasted you, September. I am obsessed with progress; the ability to be productive this month has been replaced by other things, other responsibilities. But perhaps this is for the best; what I needed to be able to reflect on myself and my own happiness.

I am ready to greet October now. We do not always need to be prepared for every eventuality. I am aware of the fleeting time, but I am content to amble, to be free to walk under your empty bowers.