Tartan You Glad to See Me?

miss selfridge tartan coordinates black floppy hat

For me, September means not only saying goodbye to the lush, warm weather, but saying hello to university. I'm not going to lie I have never been the biggest fan of university. It is insanely difficult, often tedious and there's hardly ever any room for creativity. Also, in terms of fashion, jeans and ugg boots are pretty much the dress code.

So, when you turn up to the uni bar dressed in a floppy hat and tartan co-ord, you do tend to get some looks. 

miss selfridge tartan coordinates black floppy hat

I suppose fashion has become my new creative outlet. I like to stand out sometimes; tis the way of the blogger! Of course, there are days dedicated to Primark cosy tights and boots, but when I can, I like to be different. 

This is probably my favourite outfit at the moment and I really do have to refrain from wearing it non-stop. Tartan and I develop a strong bond in the Winter months. 

I've also been eyeing up this hat since it came in stock and finally, when there was one left online, I bought it. I've wanted a floppy black hat for ages and this is perfect for me. The cut out hearts make it a little different, while the inside can be altered to fit all head sizes, so it's extra special!

You may recognise my shoe boots from my previous post. Now that I've broken them in, they have become my staple shoes. They are a godsend. 

miss selfridge tartan coordinates black floppy hat

Skirt & Top - Miss Selfridge || Floppy Hat - Miss Selfridge (out of stock but still available in pink) || Fleece Lined Tights - Primark || Shoe Boots - New Looks (Similar Here)

I am quite aware that I need shares in Miss Selfridge and that I should probably become their professional spokesperson/model/PR person (feel free to let them know this ;)), but I did buy something from Lipsy the other day so I'm not completely insane. 

I may make university sound incredibly dull, but there are positives. Outside of lectures and seminars, I have show choir which I love and this year I am aiming to do some kind of solo performance at one of the events. Like anything, we must all focus on the positives. Stay beautiful, everyone. 

miss selfridge tartan coordinates black floppy hat

"You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think."

- Whinnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne