Five Guys Monster Burger

So...I wanted a burger again. 

Specifically, I wanted a burger from Five Guys. 

Having just opened a new restaurant in Bluewater Shopping Centre, I have been lusting after a taste of one these since I first heard it was opening, which was about three months ago. I hope you all feel my pain. 

I have never had a Five Guys before and have honestly heard quite mixed reviews about them, but anywhere there's new food to be tried I am there, Canon at the ready. 

It's decked out just how you would expect it to be; red and white decor with American style diner booths with a modern wooden twist. The queue area is lined with sacks of French fries which you sadly cannot eat. Luckily it was dead when my boyfriend and I decided to visit, so we got served relatively quickly.

So here's the dealio. You order a burger from the list, which is served plain, and then you pile as many toppings as your heart desires inside it. Sound good?

I have to say that it's pretty pricey. I ordered a 'Little Cheeseburger', which is only little because it has one patty in it...which is definitely enough, and it came to £5.50, while my boyfriend ordered a whopping 2 patty bacon cheeseburger, which set him back £8.75. This doesn't include fries either, so my boyfriend ordered regular cajun chips and I ordered little Five Guys style fries. 

To understand why I have titled this post as I have, I will present to you a lovely pictogram. 

Here is my unadventurous cheeseburger, containing lettuce, tomato, ketchup and mayonnaise. 

And here is my boyfriend's, which contained that and just about everything else.

Even the guy at the counter said "Enjoy your monster burger, mate".

I have to say now, if you're not seriously hungry, I would recommend just ordering 'Little' everything. My so-called 'Little Fries' were flipping huge, think double large portion of McDonald's fries. They're cooked in peanut oil though, so they're healthy...ish.

Ready for the camera roll? 

After the first bite, I thought long and hard about how I felt about it...

But I needed to wipe my face!

You're welcome, internet.

Overall, I'd recommend Five Guys as it's just one of those places you've got to try once. But I have to say it's not the best burger I've ever had. It didn't surpass my Byron burger in taste or price but was still pretty nice I'm not going to be overly harsh. 

Also this place put me in a food coma for about two days so if you're looking for me, I'll be rolling around somewhere in Brighton. Toodlepip fellow burger munchers!

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  1. I've had it before! I wasn't 100% loving the burgers but I did love the fries! I do agree it's something you have to at least try once.

    1. Yeah not gonna lie I felt a bit sick afterwards! The portion sizes were massive! x

  2. OMG! This burger looks HUGE! And your photos are so sweet :))


    1. It was massive he's so greedy haha! Thank you! xx