Pretty in Pink

So I bought another playsuit...but this one's pink!

I had been eyeing up this beautiful little number in Miss Selfridge for quite some time, but I couldn't really afford it, having splashed quite a bit of cash in my last fashion haul. But when I went in there and found out they were doing a 20% Student Discount how could I pass up the opportunity?!

This sweet playsuit comes in a very adorable shade of peachy pink, with a high neckline and lace around the waist. But the back is my favourite bit. 

And yes, before you ask, it was difficult to take a picture of my back by myself. 

I love the way it drops down, giving it a casual elegance.

This is definitely going into my holiday wardrobe. It's comfy, pretty and will look great with a pair of neutral wedges. 

This is £39 at Miss Selfridge but is in the Petites section, so I had to go up a size. You can buy it online here.

I also feel a bit like Elle Woods in this, which is always a bonus. 

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  1. That's an adorable playsuit, love that colour on you! Also impressive back photography skills :P

  2. Nice camera! And a very sweet candy floss pink romper! ;))
    You look very HOT in it

    Lu ❤

  3. Thank you!! Hate taking photos of myself so glad I look half decent haha xx