A Beauty Overhaul - My Hair and Eyebrows Experiences

Last week, I went through two, huge (for me) beauty transformations that I had been avoiding for quite some time: hair dye and microblading. They are things I have been considering for years, but for one reason or another, I had always procrastinated on it, telling myself that I didn't really need to have such treatments done when I was already fairly happy with my appearance as it was.

However, I was invited to have both my eyebrows microbladed and my hair dyed in the same week and it felt like a sign to take the jump! I always thought I'd share my experiences of both with you here today, in case you're like me and unsure of whether or not to go for it (spoiler alert: I'm so glad I did!). 

Microblading - The Experience

I was invited have my eyebrows microbladed by Microblading by Chloe (ad - pr invite), who has actually done the eyebrows of my mum and several of my other female relatives. So, I'd seen her work before and knew how good they all looked after getting them done! 

Microblading is essentially a form of tattooing - the technician will draw out the shape then fill in with tiny strokes to mimic the hairs. This means the finished look is very natural which is what I wanted. 

The one thing I was really worried about was that it would hurt, but it really didn't at all! It was more of a scraping sensation, but no pain at all. Once the numbing cream wore off, they were a bit sore, but nothing too bad. I have an extremely low pain threshold as well, so you know that they didn't hurt if I could put up with it! I'm now in the aftercare stage, so I can't get them wet until they scab over and fall off (sounds lovely, right?), after which they will go paler and then back to dark again. 

I'm so pleased with them and that I finally had it done! I really feel that the shape totally frames my face much better and it's nice to be able to miss out on one step of makeup application in the morning now. I highly recommend Chloe if you're looking for someone, her prices are very reasonable and she's extremely talented! 

Hair - The Experience

A few days after I was invited to Flanx Hair and Beauty in Angel (ad-pr invite), where they began my hair transformation. I've actually had my hair dyed once before a few years back and I was so disappointed with the results that I vowed not to go for it again. However, I had been feeling that my hair was looking rather lacklustre since I hadn't had it cut since December last year and I was rather bored of the one colour. So I took some images of hair that I liked and showed them to the lovely Celia, who worked her magic. 

The entire process took around four and a half hours but it was so worth the wait. I was absolutely thrilled with the colour - it's just subtle enough to look natural and completely different from my bad experience with the other salon a few years ago. She also cut it exactly how I imagined. I'd highly recommend Flanx if you're a Londoner looking for a hair touch up! 

Overall I'm so pleased with my brows and hair! It's amazing how much of a transformation just these two things has given me and I feel way more confident with my appearance now that they're both done! Let me know if you've had either of these treatments done before and if so, how did you find them? x