How I'm Changing Up My Everyday Style in 2020

I have so many plans for 2020, but at the moment one of the main ones is changing up my personal style on Instagram. I've always said I go for an 'everyday princess' look, however as my feed as developed it's kind of ended up going down the 'full princess' style as opposed to just everyday. It's reached a point now where, as much as I love my ballgowns and OTT dresses, it's kind of all I have, and it's not exactly the most relatable style of clothing! Very few people are going to look at my feed and relate to my princess dresses.

But don't get me wrong, I still love my OTT dresses! I love how they look in photos and the wow factor they can give to certain locations, but I also find that on days when I'm not shooting pictures, I find myself lost for what to wear, or I end up dressing drab because I can't exactly go shopping in a prom dress. I want to feel good in my clothes, not just in my photos.

So I want to go back to my original plan - the everyday princess plan. What would a princess wear if she was just a normal girl? This is my vibe now. With a few ballgowns thrown in now and again. I want my everyday clothes to be just as cute and beautiful as my over the top clothes. I feel like I've fallen out of love with a lot of my styles over the past year, so you may also be seeing a big clear out coming your way soon!

I just feel like 2020 is the time for change. I'm just about to turn 26 and sometimes I feel like I'm not dressing to suit the person I've become. Instead I'm dressing to appeal to everyone else.

I hope that if you follow along with me on Instagram, you'll still enjoy my photos as I start to transition into a slightly different style. There will still be lots of colour, personality and prettiness, just maybe some that you yourself can picture yourself wearing! And that can only be a good thing.

2020 is the year of the everyday princess! Let's bring it back x