My 'Unrealistic' Goals for 2020

It seems like this post has become somewhat of an annual series now, but you guys always seem to like it and I always seem to find it interesting, so why not bring it back for another year!

Each year I set myself a set of goals that seem so wild to me that they're almost 'unrealistic', but what I often find most of the time is that I end up achieving a lot of them, and even outdoing my own expectations! It's almost like my own version of the law of attraction, but in written form and publicly displayed to the internet...casually.

So, let's have a look at last year's goals and see how I did!

1. Go on two press trips abroad.

I actually ended up going on FOUR! Can you believe it?! My goal last year was to simply double the number from 2018 (which was one), but I actually quadrupled it. I'm really proud of this one, simply because travel is my favourite thing to write and create content for so being able to do this for various brands and tourism boards is such a dream come true. 

2. Reach 100,000 followers on Instagram.

Okay, so I didn't hit 100k on Instagram. At the moment I'm on 73k which is still pretty good! I've grown by over 40,000 followers this year alone which is pretty darn incredibleHopefully next year will be the year I hit the big 100k! 

3. Get verified on Instagram.

This one didn't happen either sadly, despite me constantly applying every week for that blue tick! I'm not sure what the secret is to achieve this just yet, but one day it'll come

4. Be featured in a magazine.

Yes! I had a whole feature in Blogosphere magazine this year - a six page spread in fact! I was so proud of this one and it's amazing to see my photos in print in a real life magazine. 

5. Be invited to another red carpet event.

This one happened as well! I was invited to the premiere of the live action Aladdin movie which was absolutely incredible. I love attending premieres, not just because I get to dress up in an OTT dress, but also because I get to see some awesome movies. Hopefully I'll get a couple next year too. 

I'm so pleased with my achievements this year, and I even ended up having some achievements I didn't even put on my list but looking back I'm so proud of them, such as being signed to my management, hosting a karaoke on a West End stage, seeing numerous musicals and being shortlisted in the Blogosphere Awards.

But what about next year? Let's see what I can dream up! 

1. Hit 150k followers on Instagram

2. Get verified on Instagram

3. Go on 6 press trips abroad

4. Land an acting job (on television, a movie or the West End)

5. Write a book

6. Do a Zoella Tuesday Takeover

I'd love to know if you have any 'unrealistic' goals for 2020! x