The Chelsea Creperie

Last week I stopped by the Chelsea Creperie (gifted) (in Chelsea, if you didn't guess) to try a few of their crepes (if you didn't guess, they serve crepes!). I am a huge crepe lover, but I've never been a huge fan of savoury crepes if I'm totally honest. So I was intrigued to try them, as well as the classic sweet treats that I know and love.

The shop is small and cosy with only five tables, but when we arrived there was plenty of space for us. They have plenty of to-go options too, if you're just passing by. They also have a selfie wall in the theme of melting ice cream cones which is quite cute and a little bit different!

We ordered our drinks and I went for a strawberry and banana smoothie (my favourite). It was absolutely delicious and so fresh. I do love homemade smoothies!

All of the crepes are made to order at the counter, so I had no doubt that everything was fresh. I took my dad along with me (my restaurant reviewing buddy now) and he went for a savoury crepe while I decided to try a sweet one. I chose a nutella crepe with banana and strawberries and it was just perfect. Super fresh, classic and a good size as well. They weren't stingy with the fruit or the nutella so that made me very happy!

Dad's savoury crepe was the tartiflette which had cheese, bacon, potatoes, onion and cream. I managed to sneak a bit (minus the bacon obviously!) and it was so delicious. It was shocked at how much I liked it as I've always been wary of savoury crepes but I feel like I may be a convert. I kept sneaking bits of my dad's the whole time and kind of regretted just having a sweet one!

Overall, I was super impressed by the Chelsea's Creperie - the food was delicious, fresh and not too pricey. I'd definitely recommend popping in for a visit if you're a crepe fan and in the Chelsea area! Have you ever stopped by this crepe hot spot? x

Our meal at the Chelsea Creperie was gifted in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.