A Look Inside Mamma Mia The Party!

Earlier this week I was invited to Mamma Mia The Party  (gifted tickets from London Box Office) at the O2, and as someone who has grown to absolutely love Mamma Mia over the years, I was so excited to see what was in store! I brought along with me my own mama, who is also a huge fan of the movies, to experience the evening with me.

Now, if I'm totally honest, I was slightly worried that the whole thing would be a bit naff. I've never really liked the whole 'immersive dining experience' things, as I often find that they can be quite tacky and boring. However, spoiler alert, I was absolutely blown away by Mamma Mia The Party. It was truly incredible.

The evening is set within 'Nikos Taverna', a completely immersive area of the O2 that whisks you away to the beautiful Greek Island of Skopelos, where Mamma Mia the movie was filmed. Here, you are introduced to the Taverna owner Nikos and his family, who are experiencing a new story of their own. As the evening unfolds you are immersed in the music of Abba, as well as presented with a four course meal in the process! 

What I loved is that it was a completely new storyline from both the Mamma Mia movies and the musical - filled with the same charm and humour as the original material. You find yourself completely immersed within all of the entertainment, with the waiters becoming musicians and singers at the drop of a hat. Both the singing and dancing was incredible - fully West End standard and I loved being able to chat to the actors between scenes and songs. 

Standout cast members were Julia Imbach as Kostantina who was presented with some very challenging songs but sang them all flawlessly, Elin Andersson as one of the waitresses turned performers who wowed everyone with her beautiful movements and Linda John-Pierre as Debbie, who was just hilarious with killer vocals. But to be honest, every single cast member was fantastic and you could tell they were having the time of their lives.

They also performed a lot of Abba songs that aren't in the movie and I really enjoyed getting to hear some new tunes that aren't performed as often. 

As I mentioned before, you're given a four course meal throughout the evening, beginning with a traditional Greek mezze. It came with cherry tomatoes, a selection of breads and three dips. It was all super delicious, especially the tomatoes which I could have honestly eaten the whole plate of. I mean, I just need to know WHERE THEY GOT THESE TOMATOES?!

My only criticism of the mezze would be that some of the rolls were a little hard, but otherwise everything was lovely. 

For starters were were brought a delicious tomato, cucumber and olive salad (again which was absolutely amazing), as well as octopus (which I didn't eat as I'm transitioning to full veggie) and spanakopita which was like a cheese and spinach pastry square. 

For mains, the normal serving is beef and lamb, but as veggies we were given vegan moussaka which was absolutely delicious and in my opinion, looked much better than the meat. It also came with some sides that the other people on our table sneaked to their end and didn't offer us any (they were quite grumpy the whole evening)...but we did manage to snag some potatoes which were very nice. I was so impressed by the standard of the food, especially considering how many people they were feeding in one go! 

Dessert was orange cake with yoghurt which was super lovely and very moist. Again, I was impressed by the standard of food! 

Overall, I cannot recommend Mamma Mia The Party enough. It is 100% worth the price of the ticket (starting from around £150 per person), when you take into account the cost of a four course meal in London, as well as the cost of a theatre ticket that you would pay. I feel that it is well worth the cost and the experience is just something else. It was one of the most fun things I've done in a long while and that's the truth! 

I'd love to know if you're planning on attending one of the performances and if you're a fan of Mamma Mia! x

Our tickets to Mamma Mia The Party! were gifted by London Box Office in exchange for a review. All opinions are honest and my own.