Becoming Mrs Jordan - Bridelux Atelier

A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to Bridelux Atelier; a wedding show that specializes in showcasing luxury wedding brands. I was invited along with Couvélie, who kindly gifted us our tickets and who create absolutely beautiful corsets and I couldn't wait to see what was in store at the show!

This year it was held at the Mandarin Oriental, one of my favourite London hotels and it was definitely one of the smallest wedding shows I've seen. I think they keep it on the small size to keep the brands more 'exclusive', but even so, it didn't take us long to make our way around.

It was also one of the most beautiful wedding shows I've ever seen. Everywhere I looked there were beautiful tables, decorations and flowers in absolutely abundance. I imagine if you had a huge wedding budget, you could easily blow the whole lot on these suppliers. Unfortunately, most of them were out of our budget, but it was still nice to spend some time looking around at all the pretty things.

One thing that was annoying is that (although we didn't pay for ours) tickets were supposed to include drinks and canapes, but upon arrival we were told that they had used up all their canapes the night before so there were none left! This felt very strange, especially as people had paid upwards of £50 per person to be there and we ended up feeling very hungry. We were allocated two drinks each, but it definitely would have been nice to get some snacks too.

You also sadly weren't able to try on any wedding dresses which I was really looking forward to.

Overall, it was a fun experience, even though we probably won't be using these suppliers for our own wedding. Sometimes it's just nice to look at pretty things haha! With my own wedding at the moment, I have a pretty much final list of all my suppliers, but still no luck on the venue front. I will keep you all updated of course!

I'd love to know if you've ever been to a Bridelux show! x