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The Tea Files are back for 2019! Although this was technically reviewed in 2018...but never mind! I'm back with a new afternoon tea review for you, this time for afternoon tea...on a bus. Yep! This is a real thing. The lovely people at Brigit's Bakery invited the Tea Files gang (aka me and my mum) to review their afternoon tea bus tour around London. 

I was definitely intrigued by this idea, and as someone who loves the old London red buses I definitely thought it was cute. But I did wonder if because the food was on a bus, would it lack quality? 

The bus departed from Victoria Coach Station and I would say this was probably my least favourite part of the whole experience. The station was very crowded, disorganised and nobody seemed to know where we were meant to go! We also kept being led back and forth from the bus rather unnecessarily, but I'd say this was the only real massive flaw with the plan. 

Everything significantly improved once we were actually seated! The tour itself takes around 1-1 1/2 hours, depending on traffic and shows you all the highlights of London with a little loudspeaker giving you facts as well. For traditional afternoon tea, it's £45 per person. 

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised with how good all the food was! The sandwiches were all delicious and very fresh and my mum even commented that the chocolate cupcake was one of the best chocolate cakes she'd ever had. The only poor cake was the ginger sponge, which was so hard that I couldn't even eat it, which was a shame when everything else was perfect! My personal favourite was a caramel chocolate tart that tasted just like snickers. It was delicious! 

The hot drinks are served in to-go style cups and the hot chocolate was nice but not the best I've ever had. We were also given two glasses of prosecco at the start which was a nice touch (my mum had mine obviously!). The Christmas touches were also really lovely, with there being crackers and candy canes on the tables. 

Scones were brought out about halfway through the tour and were absolutely gorgeous. They were served warm as well which was perfect! 

The tour itself takes you around Kensington, Notting Hill, Westminster and more so you really do see a lot of the landmarks and I enjoyed hearing the facts behind these places that I definitely didn't know beforehand! Obviously as someone who spends a lot of time in London I have seen a lot of these places already, but if you'd never visited before and you wanted a way to see the city, this would be a fantastic way to do it!

Overall, I would say that the afternoon tea bus tour is definitely worth doing if you've never visited London and want a way of seeing the sights, or if you like the novelty of having afternoon tea on a bus (which is very fun!). £45 is quite a lot of money per person, and if I was just judging solely on the food then I would say it wasn't quite worth it, however if you were already planning on doing a tour of London then it 100% is. The food was really lovely and it would be such a different way to experience the city. It would also be such a fun experience for a hen party! 

Be sure to check out the Brigit's Bakery website if you'd like to book. 

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Let me know if you've ever tried this tour, or if you like the idea of it! x

Our afternoon tea was provided complimentary in exchange for a review but all opinions are my own.