My 'Unrealistic' Goals, One Year On

You might remember that just under a year ago I published a blog post titled 'My 'Unrealistic' Goals for 2018', where I wrote down 7 goals for the year that I deemed pretty much 'not gonna happen' level. Now that we've nearly reached the end of 2018, I thought it would be nice to head on back and see how I did at accomplishing those goals, and, spoiler alert, I did a pretty good job.

I know, I'm just as surprised as you are!

1. Reach 40,000 followers on Instagram

Sadly, this one didn't happen but I'm actually not too far off! At the time of writing I'm on 29.6k, so I will hopefully hit the big 40 next year at some point! I'm still pretty pleased with how much I've grown. I was on 12k at the start of the year, after all!

2. Speak on a blogging panel

This one did happen! I spoke on a panel at Blog Con Ldn this year, all about 'Re-booting the Blogosphere' and although I was insanely nervous and my voice was shaking pretty much the entire time, I absolutely loved it! Hopefully I'll get to speak on another one in the new year too!

3. Be featured in a magazine

This one didn't come to fruition, but I still have hope for my double page spread guys!

4. Get verified on Twitter.

Also a no-go, but shortly into the start of 2018 Twitter closed all applications for new verifications, so this was kind of out of my hands.

5. Collaborate with one of my four dream brands (Disney, Jo Malone, Ted Baker and Kate Spade)

Best three out of four! I was lucky enough to get to work with Disney, Jo Malone AND Ted Baker, when I really wasn't expecting any of them! I feel incredibly lucky for every opportunity I get and when it comes from a brand who I deeply love and have always wanted to work with it becomes even more special! Needless to say, I'm extremely pleased with this one.

6. Be invited to a film premiere

I had pretty much given up hope on this one ever happening until I was invited to the European premiere of Mary Poppins Returns last week! It was absolutely incredible and I was invited by Disney themselves which pretty much made my entire life. This was truly a dream come true.

7. Go on more press trips abroad

I went on one press trip abroad to Washington D.C. and Virginia which was absolutely amazing! I loved every second and the content I created is some of my all time favourite! Obviously I would like to go on many more press trips as travel is my favourite thing to write about, so fingers crossed I get a few more in the new year!

All in all, I'm so pleased that I managed to complete so many of my 'unrealistic' goals, and it just goes to show that maybe they weren't so unrealistic after all! Of course, because they were so successful, I thought it would only be right to manifest some more success for next year, so here are my Unrealistic Goals for 2019:

1. Go on two press trips abroad.

2. Reach 100,000 followers on Instagram (go big or go home right/?!)

3. Get verified on Instagram.

4. Be featured in a magazine.

5. Be invited to another red carpet event.

Once again, thank you for all your wonderful support, whether you follow me here, on Instagram or Twitter. Every single one of you makes these incredible achievements possible and I couldn't be more grateful!