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The Tea Files are back with a bang and I am so excited to be sharing with you my review of the afternoon tea at the Landmark Hotel in London. This is a hotel I've wanted to visit for quite some time now, simply because it's so spectacular to look at. The main lobby opens up onto the Winter Garden - a stunning area with a high glass ceiling and some gorgeous palm trees. It really is like stepping into another country.

But how does their afternoon tea fare up? Mama and I paid a visit to find out!

At the moment, the Landmark are doing a specialty Wimbledon themed afternoon tea which is £55 for the tea with a glass of champagne. I would say the only thing that bothered me is that there wasn't a cheaper option to have the tea without the champagne, as I don't actually drink, so it felt like kind of a waste. There is an option to have an alternative soft drink, but that didn't really feel worth the money, so I took the glass of champagne and gave it to my mama.

For our hot drinks I went for the hot chocolate (of course) which was absolutely amazing and Mama went for the Winter Garden Blend which she said was very delicious.

For our first course we had our finger sandwiches which were absolutely perfect! The bread was so fresh and soft and each filling was perfect. There were also waiters walking around with trays of sandwiches to refill your plate, so you could go as wild as you wanted!

The sandwiches we had were cucumber, egg mayonnaise, smoked salmon and pesto, tomato and mozzarella.

Next up were the scones: perfectly baked, warm and golden. They were amazing! 

I also loved the fact that you could pick two jams off the menu to have with them, so we went with strawberry and cherry. 

Then it was time for the special Wimbledon themed cakes, which were so adorable! I especially loved the pistachio and raspberry 'opera' which had a little white chocolate tennis ball with raspberry cream on top! 

We were also given the following:

  • Strawberry and vanilla cream tart
  • Dark chocolate and Pimm's macaron
  • Lemon mousse, white chocolate, nibbed almonds and shortbread

All of the cakes were absolutely incredible and very fresh. I was really impressed as often themed teas can end up sacrificing the quality a bit, but this definitely wasn't the case here! 

After we were thoroughly filled with cake and tea, we explored the hotel's gorgeous lobby a little bit more. Can you spot me? 

I honestly couldn't fault the afternoon tea at The Landmark and I would highly recommend paying them a visit! Everything from the service to the food was outstanding, which is all you can ask for really. I don't often give out 10's...but this one takes it! 

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