Summer Lovin'

All clothing C/O Fat Face

Who else has been absolutely living for this Summer heatwave? I know I have! I've seen a lot of people complaining online about how it's too hot, but for me it's just perfect. Despite being born in the middle of Winter, I'm definitely a Summer baby. And if I have to put up with bitter cold for the majority of the year, then I'm sure they can put up with the heat for a couple of weeks!

In the spirit of Summer, my boyfriend and I have been all about the light and floaty when it comes to clothing, so I was absolutely thrilled with FatFace sent over some gorgeous threads for us to rock. I can't even describe how much I've been loving this dress. The pattern, the shape, it even has pockets! I just adore it. 

I've mentioned before how much I love the menswear that FatFace do and they really nailed it with this Summer collection (it also makes my boyfriend look rather handsome so I'm all for that!). My favourite piece has to be the camera print shirt. As soon as I saw it I knew it was made for him, not only because it's super beautiful quality and a lovely design, but it also makes his mark as my Instagram husband and I giggle every time I see it because it's just so perfect!

We shot these photos in a beautiful field nearby my house and I just love how the photos came out. All the beautiful sunlight shining down as well as the gold tones of the long grass just screams Summer to me. 

FatFace always nail it with their collections and I'd definitely recommend checking out their website for pieces for not only you but also the man in your life! I can also vouch that their menswear is great for women too, if you fancy wearing something a little bit looser! x

I'm Wearing: Dress

Tom's Wearing: Camera Shirt | Denim Shorts | White Shirt | Check Shorts