On Finding Life Balance

Is my life balanced? 

I think a lot of bloggers struggle with this. Blogging isn't a 9-5 job. It's 24/7, at least it is for me. Even when I should be off, doing stuff I love, I'm still thinking about how I can get the perfect shot for Instagram. Emails are pinging up on my phone so I often reply to them straight away when it's really 10pm and I should be heading off to bed. It can be very exhausting.

But it can also be very rewarding. Thanks to Instagram and my blog I am able to do a job I love, create amazing content and do exciting things. Which is one of the reasons we become more and more addicted to the work. Working harder = more opportunities = life success...right?

I've recently become more and more aware of the benefits of life balance and realising that in reality you can't have it all. When you take more of one thing, you lose something somewhere else. You can never have the best of everything, and if you do then you're very lucky.

Let me give a hypothetical example.

You follow a girl on Instagram who appears to have the epitome of a perfect life. She's travelling around the world constantly, hopping from one country to another and taking incredible photos. To most people, she seems perfect and has everything she could ever desire, but underneath it all is the part that people might not see. The might not see that she struggles to maintain relationships with friends and family because she's always travelling. Because of her work, she is unable to find love with someone because she's never around.

In another example, a girl may be a fitness blogger and have all the "body goals", but feels immense pressure to maintain her physical appearance for fear of losing her audience.

Everything is swings and roundabouts. No matter how much you may think someone has everything you can never truly see what's going on behind the scenes and they may long for an aspect of your life.

In life you can't have everything. Something will always falter under the weight of something else. My dream is to be the girl in that first scenario - travelling the world constantly and being paid for it. Sounds incredible! But then I remember my family and my boyfriend. Would I really want to leave them behind for months at a time? Would I want to leave my dog and my beautiful home that I've worked so hard for?

So I've started to appreciate more the balance that I do have. I may not be a full time blogger but I have a steady income from a job that I absolutely love and I'm still able to live my dream of travelling, maybe not as often I would really love to but still far more than the average person.

It's definitely hard to remember all the fantastic things in life, especially when you're constantly staring at other people through a screen. Even now I find myself feeling down because so-and-so got invited on a trip that I could only dream of going on, but then I later on see them tweet about how they're feeling really lonely.

Sometimes, you've got to take the rough with the smooth and appreciate everything, no matter how small.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic in the comments! x