A Weekend with FatFace

Photography by Jason Mark Harris

A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be whisked away for a magical weekend with the babes over at FatFace and the amazing Immy and Fifi (two incredible gals you have to check out!). Even though I'd never actually been to the Isle of Wight, Immy and Fifi are actually from there, so I was very excited to experience this beautiful new place for the first time with two experts.

After a quick journey down from London, we arrived on the beautiful Isle to bright sunshine and the most gorgeous pastel blue Camper who would be our ride for the weekend (her name was Zebby!). 

Our weekend would be spent on the Garlic Farm, a stunning farm which...surprise surprise, grows a heck load of garlic! And boy was it beautiful, set in the middle of the picturesque countryside where peacocks and red squirrels wandered around. 

Our faces for basically the entire weekend (all the smiles!):

Luckily for us, the FatFace team had a whole load of very exciting activities to keep us busy during our stay. First up was a cookery class, where we made the most delicious garlic mushrooms I've ever tasted (along with some garlic mayonnaise).

If you think that sounds like a lot of garlic, then you would be right. Ever since our trip I've basically been addicted to the stuff and can't get enough!

This is the face of a girl who is enjoying her garlic life to the max:

As you can imagine, we were also kitted out for the weekend with some fabulous FatFace threads. One of my favourite outfits had to be this gorgeous red dress, which was both super comfy and adorable.

Dress | Hat | Shoes

And you know how I love a good hat! 

It was hard to believe that on the first day I was rocking bare legs...all that was to change drastically by the final day! 

After a quick tour of the farm, we hopped on board our ride and headed up to meet the adorable highland cattle!

Look at this cutie! 

Top | Dungarees | Wellies

So I may also be a little bit obsessed with these dungarees which take me all the way back to my childhood! My mum and I used to have matching ones when I was little and, let's be honest, they're super comfy and can be worn in any season.

That night we headed to one of the adorable yurts at the Garlic Farm where we found an open fire, an acoustic guitar player and a lot of fairy lights. It was like being transported to a hygge paradise!

Of course, I was all wrapped up in my FatFace loungewear, which is the softest, comfiest clothing I've ever worn. I've basically been living in it since I got back so if you've never bought their loungewear before, then this need to change ASAP! 


Like true party animals, Immy and I climbed into the bed and sang along to the dulcet tunes of the guitar. 

The remainder of our trip was spent making bloody Mary's, making our own candles and eating a whole load of garlic bread and fries. I know, it's such a hard life! 


In the evening we were treated to a slap up meal for St. Patrick's Day, complete with live Irish band! It was absolutely incredible. 

On our final day, after a pretty heavy sleep thanks to all the food, we woke up to a total Winter Wonderland! It was hard to believe that we had basically experienced all of the seasons in the space of three days! 

It's totally ok to head out in your pyjamas if it's snowing, right? 


I hope you enjoyed this little look at our weekend adventure! I wanted to say a big thank you to the FatFace team for having me and spoiling us so much. You guys know I have loved their clothes for years and it was a real treat to be able to spend the weekend getting to know more about their designs, plus hanging out with the team!

Be sure to check out my Instagram Story Highlights as well for my full vlog of the weekend!