My Paris Location Bucket List

Looking back, I can't believe how long it's been since I visited one of my favourite cities in the world; Paris. The last time I was there was September 2016 and it honestly feels like a lifetime ago. So much has changed in my life since then, including how I run my blog and Instagram. My account is very much location based now, and whenever I see people exploring beautiful Paris locations I get a little bit jealous that I've never gotten to take snaps there!

On the bright side, this means when I next visit I'll get the chance to visit a whole bunch of new places and take some brand new, amazing shots for your enjoyment.

So, I thought I'd write up a little Paris location bucket list, featuring some of the amazing spots I spot on people's Instagrams and I 100% will be making the effort to visit next time.

1. Montmartre

Imagine my shock when I discovered that I had been to a city and not visited a pink building there! This one is pretty self-explanatory: I'm obsessed with pink, this building is pink, I must go there.

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2. Plaza Athénée

I have actually been to Plaza Athénée before, but I've only ever admired this stunning hotel from the street below. In the height of summer it is one of the most beautiful buildings, adorned with colourful flowers and from the balconies you have the most wonderful view of the Eiffel Tower. I really would love to stay here on my next trip!

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3. Palais-Royal

It wouldn't be a trip to Paris without a stop by these famous black and white podiums! I've always wanted to get a pic perching on top of one, so hopefully on my next trip I'll be able to stop by.

4. The Lourve

One of my favourite places in Paris that I've actually visited a couple of times before, but it never gets old really. The Lourve is also so large that I know I haven't even touched the surface when it comes to exploring it. Luckily, the wonderful people at The Paris Guy host some pretty amazing skip the line tours of the museum, meaning that you can get straight in without all the faff! You get an expert guide for your small group meaning you get to learn so much more than if you were just wandering around. They also do two other tours which you can book in advance, so definitely check them out if you fancy gaining a bit more knowledge on your next trip!

5. The Eiffel Tower

Again, pretty obligatory, and as you can see from the first photo in this post I have taken this shot before, however I'd love to get a really amazing one next time, maybe even with my boyfriend! I honestly never tire of seeing photos here and I have so many ideas!

6. Disneyland

Can you believe I haven't been to Disneyland since I was 10 years old?! Despite Florida being my favourite of the parks, it seems silly that I haven't been to one that is really so close to me. Also I love the fact that the castle is pink here...

7. Bir-Hakeim

I absolutely love this spot in Paris and I feel like it's one that not many people visit. However I love the vibe it gives, especially at night when the lights from the Eiffel Tower are glowing.

Let me know if you're visiting Paris any time soon, and if you have any bucket list spots you'd like to visit!

This post was sponsored by The Paris Guy but all opinions and love of Paris are my own. 

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