6 Life Lessons I Learned From Harry Potter

The Harry Potter books were one of the biggest parts of my childhood growing up and it wasn't long before the films also captured my heart (although the books will always be my favourite!). I always feel so grateful that my generation got to grow up with such an epic series, waiting for each part to be released with nobody truly knowing what was going to come next. 

They also taught me so much about life, hardship and friendship that I have carried with me into adulthood. I think one of the reasons I still love Harry Potter so much is that it really can be enjoyed by anyone. They aren't just for kids and they teach everyone valuable lessons about so many things. 

So, I thought it would be only right to share some of the life lessons I learned from them and how they've affected me throughout life. I'd love to know what you've learned from the series, and if any of yours are the same as mine. 

1. I am braver than I realise.

For years I always thought that I would be a Hufflepuff. I'm not sure why, I guess I just never thought I fit well into the other houses that much. So, you can imagine my surprise when Pottermore (the only legit sorting quiz by the way) sorted me into Gryffindor! The truth was, I never really viewed myself as brave enough to be in Gryffindor, in the way that everyone wonders why Neville Longbottom is there during the first few books.

But, looking back on all the things I have overcome, I realised that I am pretty darn brave. I may not be fighting Death Eaters and dragons but there are real life struggles that are often just as scary and I've managed to come out of the other side. 

2. The ones who love us never really leave us. 

This is one of my favourite quotes from Harry Potter and I honestly do believe it's true. Even after the ones we love are gone everything they ever did in life lives within you. You spend the rest of your life holding them with you. I don't really believe in ghosts, but I do believe that our loved ones watch over us. 

3. You can't change the past.

I think it's very easy to regret things we did in the past, or be angry about something that has happened to you. But my mum always told me that regret is a wasted emotion because you can never go back and undo it. What you can change, however, is your future and how you let those past experiences shape you. 

In the books, Harry can never change the fact that he lost his parents but rather than remaining angry and bitter, he becomes a force for change and for good. He uses the hardship of his childhood to drive him to become a better person. 

4. There is always magic in the world, even if you're a muggle.

Despite the fact that I wished every single day as a child for my Hogwarts letter to arrive, it soon became crushingly obvious that it wasn't going to happen. I am, in fact, a total muggle. 

But, I do believe in magic. Magical things happen every single day in the world, whether it be through fate, hard work or kindness. When you think about it, just being alive is pretty magical. One of the reasons I started my blog and Instagram was to share the magic in the everyday, even if it's just through something little. 

5. Chocolate is always a good idea.

I've mainly got Remus Lupin to thank for this one...but seriously! Having a bite of chocolate never fails to make you feel a little bit better. 

6. It's never too late to fulfill your dreams.

J.K. Rowling has always been one of my biggest inspirations. She fought against so many obstacles in life and still managed to create one of the most incredible book series of all time. But she didn't achieve this by the time she was 25! It wasn't until much later on that she fulfilled her dreams and wrote 7 amazing novels, plus many more now! 

I'm often worried that perhaps I should be further on in my life than I am, but then I have to stop and remind myself that I'm only 24. There's no such thing as running late in life, especially when it comes to achieving your dreams.