Why I'm Not Sorry for Getting Festive in November

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There are two types of people. 

The first type are adamant that Christmas doesn't start till December 1st. No decorations. No songs. No Christmas movies. Nothing until the clock strikes midnight on the first advent day.

And then there's the people like me.

As soon as Halloween is done, that's it for me. In the legendary words of our festive lords, Slade, "IT'S CHRISTMAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!"

And I'm 100% not sorry that by mid November I have officially decked the halls; the tree is up, the decorations are out and I can be found every weekend in front of the fire with my Red Apple Wreath Yankee Candle burning and a gingerbread man dangling out of my mouth. I cannot be stopped. I will not be stopped.

And boy oh boy, this causes some outrage. Fair doodles if you're not up for getting into the Christmas spirit as soon as me, but can you blame me? I mean let's face it. November SUCKS.

There's hardly anything nice about November (unless you've got a birthday). It's cold and rainy. The pretty and Instagrammable Autumn leaves have turned to slush on the side of the roads. It's too late for spooky Halloween excitement and it's too early (according to some) for Christmas festivities. And, when you suffer from SAD, it's even worse

It's dark by 4:30pm and my dark circles are so large that I could easily pose as a panda at the zoo. At this time of year I just feel so...bleugh. Unless you suffer from SAD you won't understand the feeling, but it's basically like being in a constant state of tiredness and depression. Not great...so can you really blame me for wanting to bring Christmas in early? 

If I'm totally honest, Christmas is what gets me through the dark and cold months. It's like a beacon of warmth within the bitterness that makes me feel happy. Last year, all you heard was people talking about hygge and it's something I've definitely embraced this year as well. But one of the main areas of hygge is Christmas itself! If it makes me happy I'm going to try and keep it going for as long as possible.

Also, my decorations are so pretty that I want to see them for longer than one month! I didn't spend all this money in John Lewis for nothing people! 

So, whether you're as crazy about Crimbo as I am, or you want to punch me in the face for playing "All I Want For Christmas Is You", gimme a break. It makes me so darn happy and I'm not sorry for doing something that makes me feel better. Now, pass me a hot chocolate and another gingerbread muffin please! x

Photos by April Todd