Great Eggspectations

On Wednesday, I took a little trip to London for a very egg-citing event with Heritage Breeds, who, you guessed it, specialise in eggs! Prepare for all the egg puns in this post. There's gonna be a shell load. 

After having not eaten all day, I arrived at Food At 52 with a grumbling stomach, eggs-tremely ready to taste some delicious food and try a hand at cooking up a storm in the kitchen. 

And boy oh boy, they did not disappoint! We were greeted with a four course meal, that we all tried our hand in making a part of, of course! From creating our own parmesan pastry to poaching quail's eggs, we all learnt a little something about the eggs and how to cook them. 

Now, Heritage Breeds are a bit special, mainly because they're some of the best quality eggs you can buy, and the Royal Legbar variety come in the most beautiful pastel blue shade I've ever seen. It was like Mini Eggs in real life! As you can imagine, I was egg-static at the prospect of Instagrammable eggs (that you don't have to paint to make pretty, of course!).

Not only did they look gorgeous, but they tasted flipping amazing. With their very deep yellow yolk, they created some of the most appetising looking dishes, including soft boiled eggs with soldiers and a stunning Niscoise Salad made with duck eggs.

My favourite course, of course, was dessert. We created an Amaretti semi-freddo (and no that's not a half eaten Freddo from the corner shop) that tasted divine! 

On hand the whole time was Anna Barnett, an absolutely amazing Instagrammer who was giving us a little bit of a hand with food photography. Definitely give her a follow! 

All in all, it was a real cracking event and a delicious one at that! Keep an eye out for Heritage Breeds eggs in Tesco and on Ocado! You won't regret picking them once you cook them up! x

This post was kindly sponsored by Heritage Breeds but all eggcellent opinions are my own.