Made for Adventure

Thermals - C/O Sno Queen

A couple of weeks ago, I received a little email from the lovely people at a wonderful brand called Sno Queen, asking if I would like to model for their new campaign. I immediately said yes, especially after browsing the website and discovering that they create quite possibly the most glam thermals I've ever seen.

And believe me, I love thermals.

Despite what the name suggests, Sno Queen aren't just for skiers! And that was what I was there to show. 

The shoot took place in Richmond Park; a place I had never been before but I was immediately astounded that I hadn't. It was so flipping beautiful! Wide open fields, dense and winding forest paths and beautiful still lakes. It felt like stepping into some kind of Autumnal paradise. 

I was also told I could bring along Oscar if I wanted, and as my good boy loves a good park, he came along to steal the limelight. Let's face it, he looks way better than I do and he's not even trying. 

We quickly got snapping and filming, (alongside my partner in crime for the day, Aimee Victoria Long) exploring the beautiful surroundings and definitely getting into the spirit of things. The campaign is called #MadeForAdventure, showing how these gorgeously glam thermals aren't just for skiing, but for all kinds of outdoor activities like winter walks. Who says you can't look sassy af while walking your dog!? 

But, the most magical moment of the day had to be when a whole herd of wild deer ran through us, and one came right up to me (see photographic evidence above!). It really felt like a moment out of a Disney movie and the deer was so gentle and beautiful. I think her name is Glenda, by the way. 

And I have to say, the thermals are so comfy and very cosy too. I was dressed in the lace collection, which, as you can see, was head to toe black lace design. They were also ridiculously soft, meaning I could wear them all day and be quite happy too. 

Of course, I absolutely adore the photos! The team really outdid themselves and created some stunning content that is currently being shared across the Sno Queen social platforms. It's so weird seeing my face pop up there and I was so grateful that they chose me as one of the faces of the campaign! 

I mean, any excuse for me to wear leggings as often as possible.

Sno Queen have also very kindly provided me with a discount code for 10% any full price purchase from the website, so you too can snag yourself some seriously comfy and gorgeous thermals! The code is HMJ10 if you fancy it! 

Photos by Red Agency London & Ollie Trenchard