The Big Change - One Year On

Roughly a year ago, I wrote a blog post about a big change in my life. It was change I was anticipating for a long time, but even when it finally happened I felt a little lost. Everything was different. I knew in the long run that it would be better, but it was all so new to me. 

In the blog post, I wrote about the 5 ways I was starting anew, how it was time for me to start living my life and taking back control of how I wanted to be. Did I really want to look back in ten years time and say that I wasted my twenties? 

Since then, I can't even explain how much my life has turned around. This time last year I was lonely, miserable and experiencing anxiety. Most of this had stemmed from the thing I eventually let go of, but the remnants of my past still lingered. I looked at my list and it felt almost impossible. Five little things that to me felt so incredibly far away. But - spoiler alert - I did them all. And now I'm going to tell you about them.

1. Dying my hair

In September 2016, I took the leap and booked myself an appointment at Toni & Guy. I sat in the chair for going on 5 hours, watching the stylist paint onto my long, dark locks before carefully wrapping them in foil. By the end, I left with a brand new look; gorgeous caramel highlights in a balayage style. Since then, most of the colour has grown out but you can see it in the ends still. After all the fear of thinking it would look bad, I loved it.

2. Having a clear out

Funnily enough, since the initial clear out which got rid of nearly all of my stuff, I've found myself having a bit sort every month. It's so easy (especially as a blogger) to let clothes and makeup build up, but taking the time to clear the wardrobe of old pieces and giving away products has allowed me to have a whole new sense of freedom. One of my goals alongside this was to make more of an effort with my dress sense and I've definitely done that too. Goodbye baggy, unflattering clothes!

3. Travelling

I always wanted to see the world and in the last year I've seen more of it than ever before. I tried to visit one destination every month as a little goal of mine and although I haven't quite done that many, I've visited a grand total of 8 places within the last year, which is more than I've ever done before! Travel really is something I never regret spending on, especially when I get some fabulous snaps for Instagram! 

4. A social life

This one sort of goes hand in hand with my travelling one. My adventures have brought brand new people into my life and with them, brand new social experiences. A couple of months this year saw me having every weekend fully booked and I could hardly believe it! Although I'm still not one for partying, little adventures to the seaside or lavender fields have brought me so much joy. Thanks to my boyfriend I have also found myself getting the wear out of my gorgeous clothes as we've been going on mini adventures whenever possible. 

5. Love myself

Still the most daunting one on my list but one that I have come so far with. I have grown in confidence massively over this past year, thanks to help from my friends and family. I felt like I had shed a weight with my big change and it allowed me to find myself. It hasn't all been smooth sailing, don't get me wrong! Earlier this year I took 6 therapy sessions to boost my progress and it helped so much. Looking back at how I was only a year ago, I can hardly believe it. 

So, those are my changes. I could go on forever rabbling on about how much my life has changed since a year ago, but I hope this gives you some kind of idea. I'd also like to say, one thing: it is never too late to change your situation, no matter how stuck you feel. If you are unhappy with how your life is going, and you have the ability to change it then do it, no matter how scary. If I hadn't taken that leap, I wouldn't be in the place I am today. 

"At any given moment you have the power to say this is not how the story is going to end."

- Christine Mason Miller

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