Duck & Waffle, London

One place I've always wanted to visit, ever since hearing about it for the first time is the Duck and Waffle. As someone who is obsessed with London's glorious views, as well as anything breakfast related, I was so hyped when we managed to snag ourselves a reservation a couple of months in advance for my mama's birthday. 

We headed up to London on a Friday morning, and luckily the weather was on our side. When we reached the top of the building, we were greeted with glorious views over the city and a bar that overlooked the Gherkin which felt as thought it were in touching distance. 

We took our seats and had a quick browse of the breakfast menu. The place was absolutely rammed with customers, so I had very high expectations, especially after waiting so long to get in! 

Sadly, the breakfast really didn't live up to the hype and we ended up leaving so disappointed. My parents both ordered poached eggs on toast, which arrived on two bits of toast that were so hard they were almost like concrete. There was also no 'hand churned butter' as stated on the menu, and the whole dish was just bland and flavourless. 

They also ordered two sides of avocado and bacon to go with them, but even they couldn't save a pretty rubbish dish. My parents complained to the waitress and asked if they could receive some new toast, which they brought to the table but this wasn't much better (and still no butter!). Eventually, both were removed from the bill after talking to the manager. 

My boyfriend and I both ordered the Caramelised Banana waffles, served with vanilla ice cream and homemade hazelnut and chocolate spread. They were probably the best things that arrived at the table, but were nowhere near as good as waffles I've tried at other restaurants. 

As you know, I hate writing bad reviews on the blog, but because I know so many people who have wanted to visit here and are desperate to snag a table, I'd say just don't bother. The food is very expensive as you're obviously paying for the view, but there are better views elsewhere. It's such a shame as I love the concept but I think by this point the Duck & Waffle is just living off the hype and aren't too bothered about the quality of their food. 

It could be possible that we just caught them on a bad day, but I have seen similar reviews online since. 

Let me know if you've ever visited the Duck & Waffle and what your experience was like! I'd also love to know some recommendations for a fantastic London breakfast, as I'm always on the hunt!