Rosy Days

Top - C/O Missy Empire | Skirt - Topshop (Similar here) | Shoes - C/O New Look | Sunglasses - River Island

Some people may say, "Jordan, those sleeves are just getting a bit ridiculous now." To them I say, poppycock, and bust out a top like this one.

Now, as exceedingly impractical as these tops can be (specifically when eating any kind of food with your hands), there's no denying that they look flipping fabulous. I have been loving frills recently, although I don't really need to tell you guys that, and as soon as this top dropped through my door I knew I had to take it out for a spin.

It was one of those very warm days when I decided to wear this outfit, but it felt just right, really. Complete with some rose gold jewellery and matching rose gold wedges, my pink frilly outfit was ready to go. I definitely had a fair few people stop and compliment me in the high street too, which is always a bonus!

Now that it's Monday it means I can get seriously excited for this weekend as I'm heading away with my boyfriend on our first ever holiday abroad! He booked the whole trip as a surprise but only yesterday did I find out that we're heading to Milan! I don't think "the boy did good" really even covers how amazing this is. I'll definitely be keeping you all updated all over my social media, so keep an eye out! x