Strawberry Fields

Blouse - C/O Sugarhill Boutique | Jeans - C/O New Look | Shoes - C/O New Look

I don't know if it's the lighter nights which are doing it, but I'm feeling super good right now. I've been waking up earlier, been more productive and I've actually been leaving the house more than once a week. 

I don't know what it is lately, but I've been all about that patterned shirt life, especially when they're as cute as this. Sugarhill Boutique never fail to nail it with their adorable designs (you may remember the gorgeous umbrella shirt I also wore in a recent blog post) and I'm totally digging the 70's vibes I'm getting from this one. 

After a year's break, I've also rejoined the gym after reading about all the positive psychological benefits it has. As a self-proclaimed sofa and pizza queen, I was pretty reluctant to part with a good few hundred pounds in exchange for being a sweaty mess, but I have to say it's been fantastic! There's something about just popping in for an hour after work that makes me feel like I've really done something, and I am all for anything that increases positive thinking. 

I hope you all had the best Easter weekend and a wonderful week! x