Pan Chai, Harrods

I feel like I'm definitely making my way around nearly every Asian restaurant in London at the moment and I'm totally ok with that to be honest. Last week we headed up to quite possibly my favourite store in the world, Harrods, for a little spot of dinner at Pan Chai. 
You may remember that I visited The Mango Tree a couple months ago and spoke about how flipping incredible it was. Well this is the sister restaurant, so I definitely had high hopes for it! 

Located in the Harrods Food Hall, Pan Chai almost looks more like a bar than a restaurant, featuring stools and a curved top. It definitely gives the vibes of somewhere that's super trendy and definitely up market. The only thing I would complain about (and spoiler, this is my only complaint) is the location. Because it's in the Food Hall, the surroundings are obviously very busy. When we went it was positively bustling with tourists and so it wasn't the best place to have a chat or feel relaxed. I definitely preferred the more intimate vibe of The Mango Tree, simple because of the location.

We had a browse of the menu and ordered up some drinks. 

My date decided to go for the Plum Sake, which if you don't know is a Japanese rice wine. It got excellent feedback from him even though I personally don't drink it! 

While I went for a fresh mango juice which was absolutely flipping delicious. I forget how much I love fresh juices until I have one. 

It wasn't long before starters arrived. As someone who's a fan of anything deep fried (I know, I'm so classy), I went for the spicy squid tempura, which happens to now be rated my all time favourite squid tempura EVER. It was perfectly cooked, super spicy and absolutely delicious. 

My date went for the Wagyu beef tartare, which arrived with wasabi and ginger. It was absolutely amazing and gorgeously tender. 

I also attempted to try a Bellini, but sadly I failed in my quest into the unknown and my date ended up drinking it. I did try my best, though! 

 For main, I went for the absolutely insanely delicious Wagyu beef and seafood noodles, which arrived in a soup and loaded with delicious vegetables. The beef was cooked to perfection and was some of the best steak I've ever tasted. Oh my gosh I could eat this now just looking at it.

We also had the Beef Rendang, which I immediately described as being similar to a beef stroganoff but with Thai spices in it. The beef was pretty much falling apart and tasted gorgeous. 

I would 100% recommend Pan Chai if you fancy a quick spot to eat in London! Despite it being ridiculously busy, the food is just so incredible. I really hope they open up a separate restaurant soon because I really think it deserves one :) 

Let me know if you've ever visited Pan Chai or Harrods and what your favourite part is! x

Our meal at Pan Chai was complimentary in exchange for a review, however all opinions are my own.