Princess Peach

Petticoats are one of those things that just scream nostalgia for me. Putting this one on I felt like I had transformed into a little girl again, dancing around my room to whatever Disney cassette tape I had put in my player and pretending to be a princess. 

So when Doris Designs got in contact with me and asked if I'd like to review one of their gorgeous petticoats I jumped at the chance to relive my youth and some of my 1960's dreams. Made from layers upon layers of soft chiffon (as opposed to classically hard net petticoats), it's pretty much the softest thing I've ever worn. I could probably sleep in it! 

Petticoat - C/O Doris Designs

Of course, I feel like such a peach in this (ha ha). I love the fact that the petticoats can be worn as underskirts or as regular skirts too! It's probably the most adorable thing in my wardrobe. 

In other news, Happy Valentine's Day! It happens to be one of my favourite holidays, despite it being a total cheese fest. So, whether you're single or taken or anything in between, I hope you have the best day. If there's anything that will make people spread a little extra love in this world then I'm all for it.