Beautifully Unpredictable

Hello, Spring! 

Well, I thought it was hello spring, until I just looked out of my window while writing this blog post and saw that it was SNOWING. What even?! Sometimes I can't even handle the English weather. 

Anywho, it's pretty good that Fat Face have once again kitted me right up with their new Spring collection, which is just as cosy as it is light, meaning that there's not as much of a chance that i'll turn into a snowman as soon as I step outside. Their new slogan is 'Beautifully Unpredictable', meaning that no matter what the weather (or life) throws at us, we're always going to be prepared. 

Now, I've been after a pink toned scarf for years and this one is now my new favourite. I have been wearing it with practically everything because not only are the blush shades the prettiest thing ever, but it's so damn soft. It's like walking around with a blanket around your neck. It also opens up pretty wide for when you want to be living that Lenny Kravitz life. 

My other new favourite is this super cute, sea blue cardigan which has been my go to thrown on for when I'm being casual. It's more of a grey-blue colour too, so it goes with a fair few things. 

Cardigan - C/O Fat Face | Top - C/O Fat Face | Skirt - C/O Fat Face

Scarf - C/O Fat Face

I've always had a fond love for denim skirts and for some reason I've never owned a black one! I absolutely love it though. It goes with practically every jumper I own and is the perfect bottom half for when the weather gets a bit more chilly. 

I was definitely so close to falling in the river while taking the above photo...

Now, I have to say this jacket is giving me all the Nancy from Stranger Things vibes and I am totally ok with that. I think it might be the fleece collar that's doing it, but I feel seriously awesome when I wear this. The inside of the jacket is padded for extra warmth, so you can give the impression that the cold never bothered you anyway when really toasting it up in this bad boy. 

Hat - C/O Fat Face

God, I love hats. Especially when they're as cute as this adorable cream bobble number that I've been obsessed with. It's the cosiest thing ever and I know will be coming with me when I head off to Switzerland in March. 

Jacket - C/O Fat Face | Jumper - C/O Fat Face | Jeggings - C/O Fat Face

I also adore the colour of this jumper which is the comfiest thing ever. Paired up with a pair of Fat Face's amazing jeggings and I'm rocking a double denim look that actually works. The jeggings are actually the softest things I've worn in a while and are super comfy to boot! 

Let me know what you think of Fat Face's new collection and if you'll be picking anything up! Also let me know if the weather is just as unpredictable where you are, or make me jealous if you live somewhere sunny.

This post was written in collaboration with Fat Face but all opinions are my own.