Eggspectation, Dubai

Breakfast is 100% my favourite meal of the day. It's pretty much the only meal where you can only eat dessert and get away with it, which is totally something I'd do any other time as well if I didn't have the judgey eyes of the waiter staring down at me. 

But alas, breakfast! The meal of dreams! There are no limits to breakfast goals. My mum had heard about a little place down at the Jumeirah Beach Residence in Dubai called Eggspectation, which was named one of the best places in Dubai for breakfast. So, after arriving that morning from the airport, we quickly headed down to grab a bite to eat. 

The restaurant has quirky, modern decor, with stone grey walls and open light bulbs. At the same time, it feels very homely, despite it's cool appearance. 

We quickly ordered up drinks and food and we were surprised how quickly they arrived! Everything came within around ten minutes which was pretty fantastic. 

My mum ordered up a cafe mochaccino, which looked absolutely heavenly! If I drank coffee I would have been all over that chocolatey heaven.

She also went for the 'Eggspectation Bagel Breakfast Sandwich'; a seeded bagel containing a fried egg with Swiss cheese, onions, beef bacon and these absolutely incredible potatoes on the side. I could have just eaten a whole plate of those! 

A closer look at that bad boy in all it's glory...

Hell. Yes. 

My dad went for the 'All-American'; two poached eggs, those amazing potatoes, beef bacon, sausages, baked beans and toast, as well as a side of fruit (a weird addition for an English gal!). 

I went for the 'Go Bananas' smoothie, which consisted of banana, strawberry, yoghurt and honey. It was absolutely delicious and very thick, so I wasn't able to finish it at the table. But the waitress kindly put it in a takeaway cup for me so I could finish it on the go. 

And of course, sticking with my dessert for breakfast theme, I had the banana and nutella crepe which was absolutely delicious. They didn't skimp on either the banana or the nutella, and it was just light enough without being too bloating. 

I absolutely loved Eggspectation and I will 100% be retuning; hopefully we'll get the chance while I'm still here! Everything was top quality and tasted amazing, and the service was fantastic too! If you're in Dubai and you're looking for an amazing breakfast spot, this is the one for you. They also have some other restaurants around the world, so check out their website here for all their locations.