Queen of the Castle

On our second day in Copenhagen, we awoke drearily and headed out for a new adventure (and to set down the deposit on my brand new house ^_^, I wish!).

If you haven't read part one of our journey to Copenhagen, I definitely suggest you do so! 

Similarly to France, you kind of assume that when you visit Denmark there will be Danish pastries on every corner, however we found ourselves wandering the streets at 9am, struggling to find anywhere that was even open. I think we could learn a lot from the Danes and their lie ins. 

However, after becoming progressively more and more hangry, we found the perfect, most Instagrammable little cafe ever. It was beautiful. Rustic wood benches, white marble side tables and grey cushions all stacked up to make us feel like we had just entered one of my weird blogger dreams (yes I may have these).

The cafe was called Big Apple and was in fact a juice bar. We found that we had the whole place to ourselves, although I felt this was extremely unfair to the owners, as the place was amazing. Their menu of fresh juices looked absolutely incredible, however all we had on our mind was food. We promptly ordered up two cinnamon swirls from the handsome man behind the counter. 

I can hands down say (as a positive connoisseur of cinnamon rolls) that these were some of the best I had ever tasted. They were so incredibly light, yet at the same time filling, with the perfect amount of cinnamon and icing ratio. What I wouldn't give to have a bite of those now!

After feeling significantly less angry at everyone that approached me (sorry Olivia, you know is the hunger talking), we headed over to the Rosenborg Castle, which was just over the road from the adorable little cafe. 

I mentioned in my previous post that Copenhagen had all that Wes Anderson flair that I adore, and this castle did not differ. Its beautifully, almost-symmetric style made me want to squeal with joy. It was literally like something out of a fairy tale and I could hardly believe something this grand and old was just sitting there, right in the middle of a busy city where everything was so modern. 

Of course, I did my best at pretending to be a Disney Princess, although I did have a significant lack of ballgown. 

The pink coat would have to do. 

Because we were short on time, we eventually decided to skip going inside the castle (maybe we'll save that for the next trip!) and instead explore the grounds for a little while. 

After having fulfilled our inner princesses, we caught the Metro to the place I had been so excited to visit; Tivoli Gardens. 

Elsa, is that you? 

If you don't know, Tivoli Gardens is a theme park in Copenhagen that is pretty much what you picture if you envisioned a vintage theme park wonderland. 

And Christmas made it even more special...

They had quite literally decked the halls and there wasn't a single ride, shop or walkway that wasn't adorned with baubles, tinsel, glitter or fir.

There were even countless little huts filled to the brim with handmade ornaments that made me want to burst out into a carol right there and then. 

Of course, my favourite part had to be the stunning white palace that looked like something (once again) out of a Disney movie. I once again felt the urge to stowaway inside and spend the rest of my days ruling as Tivoli's princess. 

Of course, my trusty pink coat was back, this time alongside my favourite oxen blood faux-leather skirt and a frilly pink jumper. I also hid a couple of thermals underneath for good measure, as it was pretty darn chilly there. 

Coat - Lipsy | Bag - C/O Radley London | Shoes - New Look (Similar here) | Skirt - Zara (Similar here) | Jumper - Primark (Similar here)

I know I mentioned it in the last post, but I cannot even begin to describe how warm this coat was. It had a hook fastening on the inside, so when it's done up you can barely tell how you even got into it (as my friend April discovered). 

After taking more outfit photos than was really required, we explored the rest of the park, taking in all the beautiful sights that were on offer. 

Fun fact: Walt Disney himself visited Tivoli and took inspiration from it for when he was constructing Disneyland, California. You can definitely see the resemblances, especially in the way that you feel like a fairy has kissed you because it's SO DAMN MAGICAL. 

Of course, all our pirating had made us hungry. Luckily, just outside of Tivoli was the famous Andersen Bakery, where we decided that we couldn't decide on just one pastry each, so we ordered one of everything.

It was quite literally like that scene in Harry Potter. "We'll take the lot!" 

My favourite of the bunch had to be the Danish Medallion, which I chose primarily because it looked like something from Mendl's in The Grand Budapest Hotel. No, I will not stop talking about Wes Anderson! 

Two layers of shortcrust pastry, raspberry jam, whipped cream, berries and icing to make the perfect pudding. 

We also went for a classic apple tart...

A lemon meringue pie (always a good option!)...

And yet another cinnamon swirl and berry Danish. 

Having devoured our goods it was rather reminiscent of the scene in Willy Wonka, and I was sure he was about to turn up to roll us off to the juicing room. 

But sadly, it was instead time to head to the airport. I can't even describe how much fun we had in Copenhagen and it was incredible to go away with a friend on holiday, which I've never done before! I have to say a huge thanks to Olivia who patiently took all the Instagram snaps and outfit photos that I asked for. If you know me and what I'm like when I have pictures done, then you'll know she's an absolute angel

I felt rather sorrowful saying goodbye to the beautiful city of Copenhagen. It was one of those places that I could honestly see myself living in one day. They say it's the happiest country in the world and I'm really not surprised. Everything felt so relaxed and cheerful, despite the darkness and the cold. 

But alas, for now it was time to say goodbye. Maybe if you sneak in our hot air balloon you can join me on my next adventure to somewhere much warmer...