Once Upon A Christmas

'Twas the night before Christmas and all through the city,

The people were stirring, the weather quite nippy. 

But in between shopping and dancing and glee,

Was one little princess, a market and me.

For inside the Garden they strung up the lights, 

With garlands of mistletoe, glittering bright. 

And between all the mayhem and bustling streets,

The princess I noticed and I felt my heart beat. 

She looked like a painting in her long flowing skirt,

Dressed like no other, yet somehow it worked.

The skirt made from berries that bloomed in the cold,

And shoes that were fashioned from pieces of gold. 

I watched her a while, as one would a show,

And she flickered her eyes as it started to snow.

The snowflakes fell silently upon her cold nose,

And rested themselves on her long hair and toes. 

Skirt - Jones & Jones | Jumper - Miss Selfridge (Similar here) | Shoes - Lipsy (Similar here)

"What could she wait for?" I asked to myself,

For she looked like a doll who'd been left on the shelf.

Maybe her prince or a fairy would aid?

But as the time passed, the longer she stayed.

Suddenly she moved, and jolted her head,

Like a child waking up Christmas morning in bed.

I followed her gaze as I heard such a clatter,

To see for myself what was the matter.

Between all the hustle and bustle and snow,

Came a little white dog, dressed up in a bow.

Along by his side, three figures came forth,

And all round their being was kindness and warmth. 

The princess then fled, her arms open wide,

Until she had all of them right by her side.

Smiling together, they laughed and they cheered,

Until into the market they all disappeared.

For there was no prince, no fairy, no ending,

Just the one thing that Christmas was often forgetting;

The warmth of your loved ones could always bring light,

So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.

Dedicated to my mother, father, brother and Oscar.