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So, it wasn't until I looked back on my post history that I realised I haven't done a Tea Files post since MARCH! I can't believe where the time has gone! But, not to fear, I'm back with a brand new, delicious review for all your afternoon tea adoring eyes. 

This time, we went to the Grosvenor House on Park Lane to dine at the beautiful Park Room and enjoy an afternoon tea that not only looked incredible, but had unlimited champagne. My mama was best pleased.

We arrived and were promptly seated at a lovely table right by the window. Although it was pouring hard with rain outside on the London streets, it was still a lovely place to be sitting. We had made our booking via Book A Table (our trusty website for all kinds of foodie deals), which is how we got the afternoon tea with unlimited champagne! For £45 you can get well and truly hammered, or politely tipsy, depending on how socially acceptable you feel like being. This was a fabulous deal, as the normal Champagne Afternoon Tea is £52.50. Bargain city! 

The first course arrived in the form of an adorable little drink made from ginger, pear juice and soda, topped with a white chocolate ring dotted with popping candy. It was a gorgeous start to the tea and meant I could act like a 4 year old and open my mouth to hear the candy popping on my tongue. 

Of course I ordered up a classic hot chocolate. Pretty lovely, but still nowhere near as good as the best so far, which was at Sketch. 

The traditional finger sandwiches consisted of prawn and Marie Rose sauce, cucumber and mint butter, chicken with tarragon and creme fraiche, roast beef with horseradish and finally, honey-roasted ham and mustard. 

They were lovely and fresh and the lovely waitress didn't hesitate to offer us more once we had finished them. 

We were also presented with two open sandwiches on brioche, including smoked salmon, cream cheese and prawn and egg mayonnaise, cress and quail's egg. The egg was my favourite of the lot and was absolutely delicious. 

As we had the Autumnal afternoon tea, we were presented with a selection of desserts inspired by the Autumn weather. This included an Autumn berry shortbread as well as figs and gingerbread. They were all absolutely delicious and so unique! 

Of course there were scones, because what would afternoon tea be without them? 

And a gorgeous selection of jams and clotted cream. It was great to see a big pot of clotted cream as well. Nothing worse than stingy cream! 

I have to make a special thank you to our waitress Helga, who gave absolutely outstanding service! I hope a manager from the Grosvenor reads this and gives her the praise she deserves as she truly went above and beyond to make our afternoon extra special. 

The food itself wasn't the best we've ever had, but was well presented, fresh and delicious and that's all you can ask for! Booking the unlimited Champagne tea was also excellent value for money, so I'd 100% recommend booking that version if you can! Although I don't drink my mum absolutely loved it and it's the perfect way to spend a special occasion. 

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Let me know in the comments what you think of the tea, and as always I'd love to hear suggestions of where to go next! 

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